Friday, February 18, 2011

A Tale of Four Women.(Olajumoke's story)

jumoke peeped consistently at her door, munching on a bar of bounty chocolate waiting anxiously to hear the sounds of her neighbour Lilian walk back into the next apartment, this was her daily routine, she would do anything to catch a glimpse of her beautiful next door neighbour, the feeling it gave her was indescribable ,the situation she knew was an unhealthy one but olajumoke Benson was used to unhealthy situations, she tipped the scales at 120kg ,scattered all over her apartment were empty chocolate wrappers, cartons of biscuits arranged side by side with various slimming products, she had tried forever living products, Tianshi products ,Chinese products after a while she had come to accept that she would probably be fat for the rest of her life.

Olajumoke adebisi Benson was the first child of alhaji Moshood Benson, the owner of one of the largest paint companies in Nigeria, her mother on the other hand was a former beauty queen who was currently with her fourth husband,her mother left her dad after only three years of marriage and she was the only issue from that union ,growing up with her mum had been tough, jumoke was not tall and light complexioned like her mother, instead she took most of her features from her father, she was 5 ft 5 inches tall and was as dark as they come, her eyes were large and some of her friends had teased her back in school that her eyes were like torchlights round and white, the only striking thing about her features was the dimple on her right cheek but because she didn't smile quite often they were barely noticeable.

Monday, February 7, 2011

A TALE OF FOUR WOMEN (Lilian's story contd)

Ochuko walked purposely to his bedroom when they got into his three bedroom flat, he was eager to get this over with and prepare for the major meeting he had with his father tomorrow, the lady was attractive but he didn't have too much expectations for the night, he had been with a dozen of her type, he did not have the time to become emotionally entangled with women like this,it had been easy convincing her to go home with him from the party,he played this game almost every night the players were just different blurry faces , this one would be like all the rest. he threw his tuxedo on the chair ,unbuttoned his shirt and lay on the bed, he wanted to see what her next move would be he did not even have the strength to pretend to be a good host. "lets get this over with" he thought to himself.

Lilian smiled and watched him laying there for a minute, she knew this game very well, He had not spoken more than five words to her through out their journey here, men like this were only interested in getting the night over with and moving on in the morning, but she had other plans she was desperate not to allow this to be a one night stand, she would make sure he did not forget her in a hurry. finally she spoke "aren't you even going to offer me a drink?" he raised his eyebrow and replied nonchalantly " forgive my manners would you like a drink?" she cocked her head at him and proceeded to undress slowly, she released the pins from her hair allowing it to frame her beautiful face , she slowly unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor revealing her purple underwear all the while staring into his eyes, "yes there it was the bored look was gone" she thought to herself, she took a few steps towards him and he unconsciously raised himself, suddenly she pulled back, "point me towards your bathroom i need to make myself more comfortable" she whispered ochuko pointed to the right like a zombie, this girl's body was amazing. Lilian bent backwards purposely giving him an eyeful of her rear and picked up her bag, they were a few items in there she would need for the night.