WATCH THAT THRONE ...the Queens in waiting Azelia Banks and Eva

Some people may chastise me why are you merging this post with an upcoming American rapper and an upcoming Nigeria Rapper why not give them each their own post well why not...Hip hop in Africa has always been influenced by American Hip hop artistes now what we have here is a successful merger of American Hip Hop  with our African genres of music that mixture is pure fire  why shouldn't i watch both thrones.

What's this Throne this and throne that  phrase i keep throwing about? well believe it or not Hip Hop artistes are always about who is boss? who is that cat that is currently ruling the airwaves, who should who pay homage to, who deserves our respect and who is a sell out...words words words to you but a lot of them take it very seriously i am not going to drag us back to the Tupac Vs Biggie Beef in the 90;s i am going to move forward to today who owns that throne.

its safe to unarguably pronounce that Nicki Onika Minaj is the Queen of Hip Hop right now, no other Female Mc can touch her in terms of Album sales, Selling out concerts, movies, Endorsement deals , Pepsi and Adidas are  paying her millions  for her Brand and now there is talk of her being a judge on American Idol i know it may give Lil Kim sleepless nights but Nicki Minaj is killing the game right now.her 7th single Super Bass has been certified Quadriple Platinum by the RIAA making it one of the most successful singles in the US, Love her or hate her she is Queen of Hip Hop right now and she doesn't have any intention of letting go but there is a little puddle in her sea of success right now, a little drop building gradually and making waves her name is Azelia Banks.

The first time i heard of Azelia Banks was when she lashed out at newcomers Iggy Azelia and Kreashawn for no reason(yes that's her Achilles' heel she loves to beef) i thought to myself who is this clown sit down already and make a name for yourself first  but she did not sit down in fact she sat up to beef with everybody from Lil Kim to Nicki Minaj to Jim Jones to her former manager Azelia Banks has a big mouth but let me tell you something that mouth also has talent.  The first time i heard Liquorice my head spun round i thought this chick is not playing then i heard Jimanji than i heard Fierce and her tracks kept on dropping , let me tell you she can spit so fast you need to pause a couple of times to catch her lyrics and she can sing just as well. if there is anyone that can catch up to Queen Nicki Minaj its definitely her if she learns how to focus less on the beef and more on the music Nicki should watch her big behind .

Back home in Nigeria we have been missing a female on the throne for a couple of years..yes i said it. Sasha owned the throne for a couple of years but now the successful female Mc has spread her wings to other Ventures she is currently launching her own clothing line Eclectic by Sasha she has paid her dues i am sure she is not bothered about owning that throne in its entirety anymore so who will she pass the torch to, some people might say Mosheeda but i disagree , Mo is successful in her own right but she tilts towards pop than she does towards rap, maybe Bouqui she is definitely one of the best female Lyricists we have had in Nigeria but she could never quite push her head up in front of Sasha , they were always either neck and neck or Sasha edged her out because she was more mainstream her case is synonymous to American rapper Eve and Missy Eliott , Eve had the looks and Lyrics Missy always edged her out with Creativity and then there is Blaise then  Kel and former beauty queen turned Rapper Muna all fantastic female rappers putting Nigeria on the map, all standing strong amongst their contemporaries but if i am a betting person(which i am not) my bet is on Eva Alordiah to take the Throne.

The truth is to be a Queen you have to have a little extra something , Nicki has her humongous assets ...(yes yes they matter) her over the top outfits, and her many extra alter ego's, Azelia Banks has her unique ability to speed rap, her amazing skills as a singer and her new persona as this black girl with the mermaid hair who wont stop beefing, Sasha was the first Lady of Trybe records and had those killer hooks , Eva Alordiah has that special brand of creativity that a lot of these new acts lack, she is literally a little bit out there with her lyrics and it doesn't shock you it makes perfect sense. the way she plays around with words...brilliant.

She burst onto the scene in 2009 with that remix of Lil Wayne (a millie ) instrumental and since then she has been slowly building her buzz, jumping on tracks with Terry tha rapman and the Late Dagrin to her fierce fire track ...i done did my new personal favorite High. This chick is the most serious contender for that Throne ,,,if she continues like this we will all hail the Queen.

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Female Hip hop is at an all time High it