Terrence Howard and his Bizzare views on women.

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So you know i was scouting through the internet , drinking in the latest news and then i came accross one of the most bizzare interviews i've read in a long while.

Terrence Howard is a handsome, well accomplished actor and right now with the success of the fox tv series Empire and another TV series on the way he seems to be the man of the moment.

but lawd have mercy this grand father needs to have someone take a look at his meds, his personal situation seems to be all over his place, His Ex wife is fighting him tooth and nail for that Empire money , and he is fighting back claiming that she is blackmailing him for money with Nude pics and video. (The writers better hurry up and include this scene in season 2 cos it's juicy) so it got me thinking what kind of women does Terrence like?

Well i did not go too far to find out, i found an extract of an interview he did with Elle magazine way back in 2007.

The new issue of Elle has an interview with Oscar-nominated actor Terrence Howard. Mr. Howard, of Hustle & Flow and Crash fame, is attractive, that goes without saying. But his thoughts and opinions? Not so much! Some snippets from Elle:
"I like women who look like me. Generally, you're attracted to women who look like you, because the most beautiful thing in nature is your own reflection."
On his relationship philosophy:
"If a relationship is built on sexuality, it won't last long. Now I'm completely chaste through a relationship unless I get married. I don't believe in premarital sex. It enabled me to date three or four women at the same time, because as long as I wasn't having sex with them, I could always just walk away. There were some [past girlfriends] who pushed for sex, and sometimes they won. Afterward, I would feel unclean, like I'd compromised my own values. So I would have to let them go because they didn't help me to be a stronger person."
On his deal-breaker:
"Toilet paper - and no baby wipes - in the bathroom. If they're using dry paper, they aren't washing all of themselves. It's just unclean. So if I go in a woman's house and see the toilet paper there, I'll explain this. And if she doesn't make the adjustment to baby wipes, I'll know she's not completely clean."
On his divorce:
"I was in love with her, but she was not in love with me. I can't be upset because she doesn't find me the most beautiful thing on the planet."
Jezebel's own Anna Holmes was once fortunate enough to interview Mr. Howard for InStyle, and came away with the impression that he hates women. (That part didn't make it into her article!) For one, says Anna, during the interview, Mr. Howard was going through his closet and showing her his favorite clothes — when her arm brushed his. Mr. Howard flinched and said he didn't like "being touched". Other gems? When railing against how 'far" women's fashion has gone — "We've lost modesty" — Mr. Howard told Anna that seeing women dressed provocatively creates a response in him that he can't respond to in a 'natural' way. (Meaning that rape is illegal?). "He then made a comment that women who expose their 'titties' to the public have no right to get angry if people — maybe him? — make remarks about it," she continues. "He said something like 'What's worse, someone exposing themselves or someone commenting on it? Who committed the first sin?'"

I mean this guy is on another level but i guess his views may have evolved, 2007 is a long time ago but it still has me looking at him sideways like....