TIK TOK AND THE SILHOUETTE CHALLENGE....Body confidence goals or slutty behaviour


Alright look as i start this post i am going to take off a few judgmental threads of DNA from my system just so that i can  be as objective as i possibly can, which is ironical considering that this is a personal post written from my personal perspective....

Ok  let's start from  the first Silhouette challenge i watched. I cant even remember who it was but i liked it. I really did, when that Paul Anka song came on, i went like "what in the 1960's is going on", but when the switch came and the doja cat beat came in hard , i went like "oh ok mama, i see you getting your inner stripper on..." listen i loved it, i can see how this could be empowering for some women, i mean why not, you are in a doorway wearing tights and feeling like the sexiest woman in the world, and you are doing it under some dark red light so you can hide your problem areas beneath the darkness. 

I somewhat loved it until the challenge took a turn for the worse, i started seeing videos where some women were taking off all their clothes or dancing topless, now that's when my own switch went off " what in the soft porn is going on?', my eyes have not recovered from all the messiness i witnessed going through the videos in the hashtag. This challenge has taken a turn for the worse, with almost 93 million videos it's no surprise that depraved perverts have figured a way out of filtering out the red light to see your naked videos.

They have not only started filtering the red light to reveal a brighter shade so they can see beneath the silhouette, they are now sharing these edited videos and slut shaming ladies with their naked pics and videos , guess who is not surprised me.

If you are a woman with some questionable morals looking to gain popularity by selling your nude angles, why don't you jiggle your breast all the way to Only fans or the thousands porn sites available, how did you think putting off all but one of the lights in your room, and sliding around naked to millions of people on the internet would be  nothing but some harmless fun. 

It's stupid, you are stupid and ten years from now when they announce you as some well respected public figure and this video pops up to haunt you, it would still be a very stupid decision.

Now some feminists have hit back at some of the blow back this challenge has caused, it is a woman's body , it is wrong to slut shame a woman who is aware of her sexuality , who is confident of her curves and who just wants to appreciate her sensuality, ok listen i love Cleopatra so i get it, however its one thing to slow dance in some sexy leotard in between a doorway and another to slide around in your birthday suit for millions of strangers all over the world on your own bloody social media account. I mean at least loads of people have the sense to not show their faces when they are sharing nude pics, but there you are full bodied, face and all, grinning like a cat.

Young teenagers use Tik Tok for petes sake and they don't know any better, they don't realize that participating in this challenge in it's worst form  even in their underwear leaves them vulnerable to child predators. wrong is wrong period. 

So next time you want to jump on a trend, feel empowered and flaunt your newly defined curves, practice some restraint , harmless fun today could be a huge election scandal tomorrow...unless i am the only one here with a shred of ambition trying to build my personal brand.

My final vote do what makes you feel empowered but put some clothes on, sensuality is most powerful when it's not spread out like a pie in front of everyone to consume.


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