Monday, August 3, 2015

The Descendant's Tale IV


“ND this your grandfather was a mega big boy see mansion?” Odibo exclaimed,they both stood in awe staring at his ancestor’s family house, he remembered as a kid all the grown ups would pull their ears
 “never go beyond the bush path to that house, it is haunted?” They would say, and being kids they never even ventured near here, but staring at the master piece he was not surprised. 

The house was one of the biggest and oldest houses in the village, it was made of clear strong  mud , with large carvings of snakes all over the place, at the center of the compound was a dried up well with lion markings carved all round the walls of the well, the house was surprisingly neat for somewhere that had not been touched for years, it was as if the grass and weeds themselves were scared to grow in this compound.
 A statue of a woman holding an egg stood at the far corner of the house and just before the main entrance stood the statue of a man holding a bow and arrow, Nnamdi stared angrily at the statue this should be the man, the man who brought down the wrath of the gods on an entire generation, whose act had caused countless lives to be lost, 
“you are staring at that statue as if you want to destroy it?’ Odibo whispered. 
“I hate him, he ..”  Nnamdi stammered with uncontrolled anger,
“I know, you told me what he did., lets go in and get this over with.” Odibo continued tapping him on the shoulder.
He had carefully left out the part of Odibo’s grandfather when narrating the old man’s story to his friend, he had been thinking of how to broach that subject and decided the time had not yet come.

Friday, July 31, 2015

BLACK WIDOW. One death too many (2)


Richard recapped what he knew about the case so far in his head.
Senator Anthony Medina was a former senator in the House of Assembly, rich beyond comprehension he was more popular for his lavish parties and extremely luxurious lifestyle. He owned several businesses including an Oil and Gas servicing company and there were rumors that he was behind most of the appointments in the NNPC and NIMASA, Figure heads placed strategically in several Ministries and State Government Cabinets to ensure his Government Contracts never stopped flowing. He was without a doubt one of the most influential men in the country.

Two days ago rumors had started circulating that the Senator had been kidnapped, according to what he had gathered ,the Senator had not been seen 48 hours after he hosted one of his lavish parties at a popular boat club in Ikoyi, it was not unusual for the senator to travel without informing his household so they had not been alarmed when he did not show up after the party for two days, but his Wife had called the IG of police when he had missed a meeting with some foreign officials who had come to inspect an engineering project ,

 “The Senator would never miss out on a work meeting without informing his team “she had reportedly stated. It was not until the early hours of today that the Senator’s corpse had been found, his decomposing body had been discovered by one of his workers at one of his guest houses in Apapa. The cleaner had brought home a prostitute and thinking no one was around had snuck her into his masters room only to discover him lying naked dead in his bed.

The first thought that came to his mind when he had briefly perused the information provided was that the senator probably died of a heart attack, but his colleague seemed to be hinting at something more and there was something about the way he said it that pricked Richard’s curiosity.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

BLACK WIDOW. The Misguided Detective (1)


He walked into the study as directed by the manservant at the doorway, he marveled at its opulence and exquisite furnishing, chandeliers dangled from the ceilings , it’s clear cut glass sparkled like diamonds suspended in the air giving the room a whimsical look, he spotted by the corner a piano perched by the dining set, carvings etched on its wooden frame signifying it was an antique of great value, the sofa was soft to the touch he gave an involuntary whistle as he sighted the magnificent painting that stood on the far side of the wall , even to his untrained eye he could tell that it was of great value, with his hands perched in his pockets he continued to survey the room marveling to himself
 “There are Rich and there are “Rich” people “he thought, everything in this house smelt of long money, not quick riches obtained from Bank loans and sharp deals, the wealth he could see in this house was the type of wealth where Bank CEO’s  outside the country would be on first name basis with the owner, surprisingly there was no tinge of envy and it was not just that the owner of the house lay dead in a mortuary in Ikoyi , Richard was not an envious man , dedicated and hardworking he would rather get his own things than look with envy at what belonged to another or so he thought until he saw HER.

A splashing noise turned his attention to the windows at the far left of the study, his curiosity got the better of him so he walked cautiously and peeped, what he saw took his breath away.
 She glided out of the swimming pool like a siren rising out of the ocean, black wet raven hair dropped to her shoulders framing her beautiful face, her skin was literally like pure cream chocolate, she held the railings of the swimming pool and paused throwing back her head and letting the sun rays fall on her body, he followed the rays as it revealed firm rounded breasts , literally almost bursting through a barely there lemon green bikini top, her tummy flat and spotless glistened under the hot sun as water drops glided down to her well rounded hips and legs….long legs that seemed to go on forever, Richard felt himself tighten before he let out a breath , he had never in his Thirty Five years seen such a beautiful woman up close.
Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked straight at him, he jolted back afraid of being caught , he took a second look at the drapes and realized there was no way someone outside could see into the main building “or could she?” he thought haphazardly , he turned back and slumped on the sofa.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vladmir Putin and Sepp Blatter Two peas in a pod:Putin says Blatter deserves Nobel Prize.

Russian President, Vladmir Putin just announced during an interview with a Swiss broadcaster RTS, that Embattled FIFA President Sepp Blatter deserves a Nobel Prize for his work of leading world soccer's governing body.

Now it got me thinking ,what does the Russian leader have in common with the Swedish administrator?what is the nexus between these two men,well for one thing they both have controversial leadership tenures, they have almost a fanatical group of supporters who term them as heroes and equally an aggressive group of detractors who label them as villains.

Now not to diminish any of Blatter’s achievements this man has won countless of awards and taken FIFA to greater heights during his seventeen year reign, He sought to increase the influence of African and Asian countries in world football through the expansion of participating teams in various FIFA tournaments.
Blatter's reign has overseen a vast expansion in revenues generated by the FIFA World Cup and Africa in particular has enjoyed hosting rights of the biggest football tournament in the world. However he has persistently been dogged by claims of corruption and financial mismanagement.

The case of the missing funds and the sick ex petroleum minister.

It's no more news that Millions of dollars went  "missing" in the petroleum sector during the tenure of President Good luck Jonathan. It's also not news that the former Petroleum Minister known for her lavish lifestyle and "expensive " habits has been fingered to be amongst the ex officials that would be investigated by the new government , but what is breaking news is that apparently she has been allegedly battling an unknown illness at a UK hospital.'s interesting that this piece of information is coming out shortly after the Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomole announced that some US government officials informed their entourage that one of GEJ's ministers stole as much as $6billion , and they were all interested in investigating these atrocities committed. Of course nobody has fingered the Beautiful Ex petroleum minister as the culprit, (well except Sahara reports and every other Politically minded Twitter user ) but it's unofficially assumed that this reference was aimed at her ministry.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown dies at 22

Bobbi Kristina Brown, 22, the daughter of Whitney Houston, died Sunday.

Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of late singer Whitney Houston, has died aged 22, a family representative has said.

Kristen Foster said she passed away on Sunday surrounded by her family and was "finally at peace in the arms of God".

Brown was discovered face down and unresponsive in a bathtub on 31 January and placed in a medically induced coma. She never regained consciousness.

She was moved to a hospice in the city of Duluth, Georgia, a month ago after her condition deteriorated.

Brown was the only daughter of Houston and R&B singer Bobby Brown.

Houston was found dead in a hotel bath in Los Angeles in 2012.

The family posted a photo of Houston with Bobbi Kristina as a baby on whitney with the following message:

New method of Kidnapping on social media websites.

Image result for images of people blindfolded

I cannot stress  enough the importance of being  very cautious and security conscious  on social media, avoid giving out your personal information to strangers you meet online and be very careful when meeting up with people for business or personal purposes.

One lucky would be victim narrated his ordeal on the social website Nairaland of how he was almost kidnapped and robbed in Owerri, Imo State.

The narrator who is obviously a project developer or Architect got a call from someone who claims he saw his project online and was interested in giving him a job/project  in owerri. The narrator got to Owerri only to be pushed around with delay tactics trying to extend the meeting point till late in the evening, eventually directing him to meet them up at some place.