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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How to handle a Crush on a coworker.

Crushing on a co worker

We just finished celebrating February 14th,  Valentine’s Day …A day set aside by card makers and florists to rip us off of our hard earned cash,…… sorry scratch that I was joking, a day set aside to celebrate LOVE.

It’s a beautiful thing to love and be loved in return but in Life it’s not always as simple as that, for some Valentine’s Day reminded them of a day to celebrate their partners, showering them with gifts and attention whilst trying to re-create the early days when the relationship was hot and steamy.
For others February 14th  falling on a work day was another day to remind them that the Coworker they were crushing on is unavailable, or to be more direct “was not theirs”. They were forced to fake smiles as they watched the exchange of gifts between that person and their significant other.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Happy Valentines Day folks.

I wish you guys loads and loads of Love this day and every day in your lives.

For curious minds read below an article i stumbled on about the history of Valentines day.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Ten ways to celebrate Valentines day without breaking the Bank.

Guys its Five more days to Valentines day , for all the players in the house i know you have been hyperventilating since we entered the month of February  but you will get no empathy from me, you made your bed so sleep on it. Good luck trying to cough out gifts for your numerous girlfriends this season.

Now for my monogamous romantic lovers, yes dears stop fussing around i understand that there is a recession and i agree with you that sharing your love should not be limited to one day in the week.
but being thrifty might not be the best option on Valentine's Day ,household peace should be your priority.
If there is one occasion that preys on your heartstrings and equally on your purse strings, it is this one.
In fact i share your rebellious sentiment that you should not follow the crowd and spend ridiculously for one day in the year because everyone is doing it....so i decided to search for my research glasses and get you these few tips to celebrate valentines day with a small budget.

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Queen and the Lycan (The Hunt) Chapter 1

Guys so i finally decided to drop Chapter One of my Werewolf here for you guys to read, as i said earlier follow dakkylove on wattpad to read updates as they drop. I will appreciate your comments.


David let the drops from the water wash over his body, he needed to calm his frayed nerves , this was the third time in this week alone when his wolf had nearly gained control in public.


Marriage …Love…..Unity what does all that mean without trust, these days it seems like couples have more secrets between them than a Swedish Banker with the IRS. Everybody seems to want to have one up over the other.

You hear of different situations in a home and you wonder if these couples are actually married or in if in reality they are two soldiers at war living in the same household. They act like two poker players always seeking to read the others hand. What happened to good ol fashioned Love means share everything principle?