Having a "work wife" or "work husband" is good for your career

We haven’t worked together for almost a decade, but Christina was my first – and best – work wife. She picked me up when I fell backwards off the stage at the office Christmas party, and let me crash on her sofa the following year when I lost all my possessions and couldn’t get into my flat. We’ve travelled from Caracas to Kiev together and still go on holiday when we can, children and partners allowing. When she got married I was her bridesmaid.
But the defining moment when I realised she was my work wife happened eight years ago when I was made redundant from the company we worked at together. It was my first job, and I’d been there almost four years. I kind of knew it was time to leave, and it wasn’t the biggest shock in the world but, still, no one really expects that conversation on a Monday afternoon. I wouldn’t have bought all my lunches for the week from the supermarket next door an hour earlier if I had. After being told I was probably losing my job, I went straight to the pub …

An African Fashion Startup To Watch:

So sorry i have not been able to update this blog for a while now , i have been extremely busy (announcement coming soon), Part of my activities have been in the exciting world of fashion.

The Economic recession that we are currently coming out of seems to have brought out the creative genius in a lot of youths, the Fashion industry is currently booming, with people patronizing made in Nigeria products almost as much as foreign attires.

I have decided to share this article featured on for all my fashion enthusiasts.


Nigerian entrepreneur Chekwas Okafor is the founder and CEO of, an e-commerce platform for luxury fashion from Africa.

The creation of was inspired by a simple, yet magnificent idea: To showcase and promote the luxury African fashion to the rest of the world. ONYCHEK aims to be the leading retail portal for African fashion and is building a reputation for stocking only the best of African couture from some of the conti…

The Diet Police and their minions

I guess you can tell from the topic that this is about weight and the fat shamers. Now for all you skinny girls who can eat a house and still retain your slender figure please look away this topic is not for you, and yes we curvy girls all hate you, but for people like me who have been struggling with weight issues for years now I know some of you will relate in some ways to this topic.

LOVE TRIANGLE (A tale of Love , Lies, Heartbreaks and Deception)

At work we have this interactive platform, where colleagues are encouraged to express themselves freely, well apparently one of my colleagues wanted to air something off his chest and wrote this interesting piece of Fiction, I was captivated by his write up and Dakky could not let it go, thus began this amazing heart breaking story of love, lies, heartbreaks and deception.
The story has definitely taken a life of its own and many characters might pop up as people respond, so prepare for updates on this story.
Makes for quite a good read.
Two friends who worked together fell in love but after a night of hot passion the lady transferred out to another office, she cut off all communication with her friend turned lover and this is the series of  Letters that has emanated from that interaction.


It’s no news that 2016 was one of the worst years for the Nigerian economy, the country reaped its reward for ignoring previous lucrative sectors and concentrating primarily on revenue from the Oil Sector, consequently when Oil prices plummeted the Nigerian economy followed suit. The Government scrambled around playing the blame game and rolling out unsuccessful policies that further worsened the situation, at the peak of the crisis prices of commodities shot up to the point that it became unbearable to even prepare a pot of stew for a low income family.
At the end of the full year of 2016, GDP contracted by -1.51 per cent,This Contraction reflected the impact of the difficult year for Nigeria characterized by weaker inflation-induced consumption demand, an increase in pipeline vandalism, significantly reduced foreign reserves and a concomitantly weaker currency. Problems in the energy sector such as fuel shortages and lower electricity generation compounded the situation.


It’s no secret that a new lucrative profession seems to be emerging in the Nigerian landscape, as sad as it is “Whistle blowing “has become the next best thing.  With the disgraceful looting  of funds  by our corrupt public officials, the Ministry of Finance launched an effective whistleblowing programmeseveral months ago.
The initiative was birthed as a means of helping the nation get useful information aims by rewarding anyone who can provide information on stolen or concealed public assets.
So far this practice seems to be yielding positive result, with millions of naira discovered in abandoned luxury flats and graveyards the big picture of how massive the looters seem to have robbed the nation’s purse is now clear.
Now that we are retrieving these funds the big question seems to be what will be done to the perpetrators and how will these funds be utilized?



Rethinking Breadwinner – A better approach Unknown to many breadwinner has not always been the original concept contrary to what many have taught over the years. It was a circumstantial paradigm that was developed to promote family life but that was based on the assumption that the woman is best suited to handle the kids while the man is best suited to bring in money. While that may not be totally bad it fails to promote the individual potentials because we have seen cases where the man is actually the best person to raise the children while the wife is best with money making because of her make up as a serial entrepreneur.