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Dakkylove Launches Clothing Line "Dakkydivacollection"

Hi folks, its almost embarrassing to keep apologizing for not blogging for a while but trust me i have good reasons.

I was inspired to start a clothing line, and typical me i didn't just start a less arduous line with possibly just ladies dresses i decided to go the whole nine yards and start a unisex clothing line, producing men and female ready to wear outfits and female accessories, which includes Shoes, Sandals, Slippers, Hand Bags and purses of different varieties and designs.

Oh and i insisted in using only made in Nigeria manufacturers and majorly Nigerian materials
Phew it's tough, really....really tough.

Our first collection was challenging, i had to learn a lot of lessons along the way but we are definitely excited for the future.

We are already working on our second collection which will be trendier, classier and better than the first.

I decided to share just a few of our looks we did for our first collection.

You can still shop some of our looks with our american …


So i know i was incommunicado majorly in 2017, i sincerely apologise to all my readers and followers.

This blog is going to be extremely active in 2018 , i have great ideas on how we can publish entertaining original content.

I am not one for New Year Resolutions but i am grateful to be Alive to see 2018 , it is going to be a bigger and better year.

I love you all.