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TIK TOK AND THE SILHOUETTE CHALLENGE....Body confidence goals or slutty behaviour

  Alright look as i start this post i am going to take off a few judgmental threads of DNA from my system just so that i can  be as objective as i possibly can, which is ironical considering that this is a personal post written from my personal perspective.... Ok  let's start from  the first Silhouette challenge i watched. I cant even remember who it was but i liked it. I really did, when that Paul Anka song came on, i went like "what in the 1960's is going on", but when the switch came and the doja cat beat came in hard , i went like "oh ok mama, i see you getting your inner stripper on..." listen i loved it, i can see how this could be empowering for some women, i mean why not, you are in a doorway wearing tights and feeling like the sexiest woman in the world, and you are doing it under some dark red light so you can hide your problem areas beneath the darkness.  I somewhat loved it until the challenge took a turn for the worse, i started seeing videos wh


I lost my mojo to write No not my gift, that's never going to lose its bite just the enthusiastic leap my fingers make as i skim across the keyboards. What cure lays near for an unending writers block what damaged wind , blew across my lawn pausing my clock. Time I lied, i have none of it, where do I find the time to remember my first love? So i turned my back , breaking my heart and ignoring the calls What have you ever offered, for the toil of my fingers i recall The scent of wealth overpowers your sweet aroma  My body grows tired of planting in your gardens with little or no harvest. So i lost my mojo to write My sweet natural smell of words Lost its aroma as i ploughed in this cruel world Seduced by the scent of wealth Trudging with purpose, determined to leave my mark by building an empire Stretching across the African sahara, raking in the bags of coins as i touched lives But my thirst remains, like a camel drawn to the pool of water in the dessert. I am who i am, and withi