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Catarina Migliorini Auctions Virginity To Help Poor

Catarina Migliorini up for bid: Winner won't be able to kiss her, but he'll be helping to ease poverty. Talk about virgin air. A 20-year-old Brazilian woman is auctioning off her virginity for a one-time tryst on an airplane, reports say. To make the skies even friendlier, Catarina Migliorini says she'll donate some of the money to provide housing for poor families in her native Santa Catarina in southern Brazil. The Internet bidding reached $160,000 Friday afternoon. The auction ends Oct. 15. Migliorini insisted in a statement to the Sao Paulo daily Folha that she is not a hooker and still believes in love. "For me, it's not prostitution," she said. "When someone does something once in his or her life, this is not considered a profession. If you take a picture and it comes out good, you are not a photographer because of it." But there are some eyebrow-raising aspects to her ventu

Flood Victims in sad situation as they sleep on floor and drink from River Niger.

Ekeh with displaced children at the Kabawa Primary School Camp in Lokoja...on Thursday. Fatimah Idris, a 25yr-old mother of three from Edimose, Lokoja, is among the 520 occupants being quartered at the Kabawa Primary School flood camp in the Kogi State capital. The young woman, who like the others in the camp, has lost virtually all her possessions to the raging flood, has spent the past four days in difficult conditions in the camp. Idris and her three children sleep on the bare floor in the night without any prevention from mosquito bites in the open classroom now converted to an emergency room. “We were brought to this place because we have no place to go to,” Idris laments. “We lost our house in the village. The flood has taken over the entire village and we lost everything. “As you can see, we have nothing left. We want the government to come to our aid. It is true that they are feeding us, but we need more assistance; even when we

Chef Cooks wife to death....

Chef Who Slow-Cooked Wife GUILTY OF MURDER Breaking News The L.A. chef who told police he slow-cooked his wife's body for 4 days was just convicted of 2nd degree murder in an L.A. courtroom. David Viens had told authorities he boiled his wife's 105-pound body in a 55-gallon drum in 2009 ... and got rid of the evidence by dumping some of the remains in a grease pit at his restaurant, Lomita. Viens had said he had gotten into an argument with his wife, Dawn, the night before her death ... and during the altercation, he tied her up and put duct tape over her mouth before going to bed. Viens claimed he woke up the next morning and found her dead ... and panicked. In a recorded interview with authorities, Viens said, "I just slowly cooked [the body] and I ended up cooking her for four days." Viens now faces 15 years to life in state prison.