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Darey Pray for me video

I honestly want to know how this artiste’s mind works, he continually continues to up the ante in everything he does. From his Annual Movie concert, Love like a movie where he has brought in the likes of Reality Super star Kim Kardashian , Grammy award winning super Star Kelly Rowland and most recently Music Super Star Ciara, to the grand performances and live events that are his Album Launches to his Visually stimulating Music Videos . Darey is an artiste with a plan. He plans to remain Original, Timeless and true to the Art and all his influences…….In my mind these are what drives this young man to bid his time and come out with classic projects rather than litter our ears with tasteless popcorn singles as some of his contemporaries do.

Dear Diary ................A child begets a Child.

© The Noise from our  mothers exchanging words at the top of their voices brought my father downstairs,  Both women kept quiet  as soon as he walked into the sitting room , My Father was tall and imposing, A retired Company Secretary his profession as a lawyer and his charisma always commanded respect. His eyes were exploding with anger ,he had not said three words to me since i came to the house and was careful to always be away when Maximilian came pleading, I suspect he had reached his limit and we were going to feel the full brunt of his anger.. "What is the meaning of this? He fumed, Breathing heavily as anger vibrated all over his stance." why are you women going at it like two rabid dogs!!" "Cant i have peace in my own house?, slowly he turned towards Maximilian spitting in anger "You " He vibrated pointing at Maximilian, " How dare you lift a finger on my daughter, is that how you were trained?"

Ten Habits for very successful people.

Lists…Lists Ten Habits for a successful marriage, ten things to get that dream job…Lists. Wise people always drop brilliant morsels for us to chew on to help navigate this world we live in but most of us are too caught up in the hustle and bustle of life to consider them. I was influenced by some articles that I read on effective habits for happiness, health, productivity, and success and decided to summarize the ten best ones below.