The Maiden's Release


I took a Knife from the dressing table,
Its sharp blade glistened in the morning light,
From my mind a dark twisted tale revealed itself in a fable.
Perched on the Kitchen sink I stared under the kitchen light.
I knew what I was about to do but something held me back.

I snuck a peek at my reflection by the window.
Vain thoughts trickled through my consciousness.
Would I look beautiful in death, would I give them a show?
Would he even care or would he look away at my grossness.
Slowly I pulled up my blouse, sharp bruises a reminder of his blows.
My frame once plump and robust was all but skin and bones.
The consequence of several days without food and water.

Like a prisoner I was trapped behind these walls,
Cut off from the outside world, with wrists bound and without a phone.
My sins were unknown and my punishment meted out like water gushing out from its fall.
The wrong words spoken, mis-interpreted looks given was all it took to force his hand.

Where is my salvation? Where is my reward for true love bestowed?
How could anyone so beautiful be so despicably ugly on the inside?
Where was my Prince Charming so dashing and full of promises?
Tears streamed down my gaunt face, anguish clothed with despair filled my soul.
Slowly I raised the Knife, slashing my wrists and screaming as the pain washed all over me.
The strong sensation as my head hit the kitchen floor a glib reminder of my surroundings
Soon I would be free, he would not hurt me anymore.
I smiled as a faint shadow loomed over me.
 Whispering “husband my body is not yours to punish anymore I am free…free forever.”

Author's notes :This is a Poem that came to me ,it mirror's  a victim's last thoughts as she takes her life because of the suffering of  Domestic Violence,
Please do not take this poem as permission to commit suicide, there are organizations, associations and Individuals ready to help victims of domestic Violence.

Speak up or send a mail to we will point you out to the right organizations to help.