Dear Diary ................A child begets a Child.

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The Noise from our  mothers exchanging words at the top of their voices brought my father downstairs,  Both women kept quiet  as soon as he walked into the sitting room , My Father was tall and imposing, A retired Company Secretary his profession as a lawyer and his charisma always commanded respect.

His eyes were exploding with anger ,he had not said three words to me since i came to the house and was careful to always be away when Maximilian came pleading, I suspect he had reached his limit and we were going to feel the full brunt of his anger..

"What is the meaning of this? He fumed, Breathing heavily as anger vibrated all over his stance." why are you women going at it like two rabid dogs!!" "Cant i have peace in my own house?, slowly he turned towards Maximilian spitting in anger "You " He vibrated pointing at Maximilian,
" How dare you lift a finger on my daughter, is that how you were trained?"

I hid a smile, Now Maximilian would feel the full wrath of my family. Maximilian fell flat on his knees, apologizing profusely " I am so was the devil, i don't know what came over me"
He cut him off abruptly with a wave of his hand , turning back to face our mothers,
"You two women should be ashamed of yourselves, taking sides and trying to shift blame from your children,  what happened to treating this couple as one unit?" The silence that came over the household was deafening, i was beginning to regret my initial elation at seeing my father, No one was going to be safe from his tongue lashing today.
"You women can leave," He announced suddenly, " i need to speak to my children" My mum made to respond but the look he gave her shut her mouth quickly, they both walked out grudgingly leaving Maximilian and I to face this tribunal alone.

"Stand Up!"My Father commanded, taking a sarcastic look at Maximilian who was still on the floor. He walked to the bar and poured himself a drink as Maximilian shamefully got up, he tried to look at me for support but he was on his own this time. After ten minutes of unbearable silence my father walked back to us smacking his lips as he drank the last sip of his Beer.

"Katherine!" he began calmly stretching his legs on his favorite seat and looking directly at me, "Did anyone pick this young man for you to marry?" ....."No Papa" I responded angrily, where was this discussion going.
"So why are you in my house and not your husbands house.",
"Papa Maximilian is immature and unfaithful and hit me." I began , today my father would know the full extent of the rubbish i had been tolerating in my matrimonial home, .."he does not help in the house, he is selfish.", "So do you want a Divorce?" My father asked bluntly cutting me off mid sentence, I could not respond, it was very easy to throw around those words in the heat of anger but hearing those words out loud made me do a double take, "Divorce ke " i thought to myself, with a baby on the way i suddenly did not know what i wanted.

"Junior" My father continued turning his attention to Maximilian, he preferred calling him by his pet name. "Papa" , "when i gave my last daughter to you in marriage, did i give her to you to be your house maid or your wife?." Maximilian knew better than to respond he just bent his head in shame,
"I don't care the level of provocation you never hit a woman, nor push nor shove , when you mess up do you hit yourself?"
"No Papa, I ..dd.don't"  "So why must you hit your wife, she is supposed to be your partner, your soul mate, i don't understand you children."
"Anyway this is what is going to happen, either you two start acting your age or when that baby comes i will take the child from you two,A child cannot take care of a child."

He picked up his newspaper and started reading ,signalling the conversation was over. My husband thoroughly  embarrassed  started walking away in humiliation  when my father stopped him mid way, dropping  his newspaper and looking  pointedly at me.
"Why are you still sitting on my chair!" He roared, "C'mon follow your husband home , do i look like a half way house?'