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Behind the Veiled Curtain

Ndidi drove through the traffic at Apapa angrilly,she could not believe she had been in traffic for over forty five minutes, she was tense with anticipation , if after all this trouble she did not meet Glass eyes at his old hangout she would be double mad, suddenly she saw an opening an entourage carrying some local dignitary was blasting its way through ,its  powerful sirens throwing drivers into confusion as cars made way for it to pass, she timed it patiently watching from her rear view mirror as soon as she sighted the last car on the entourage near hers with surprising speed she swerved her steering blocking an ash colored benz that had been tagging behind the entourage making her way through, in less than fifteen minutes she was parked in front of No 26 Erlingston street, she stared at the building it looked deserted, she remembered way back in school when she would come here to visit glass eyes, even on weekdays there were all sorts of parties going on in that house, if the men


These days everyone seems to want to join some anti bullying campaign, without disregarding the impact some of this campaigns are having on the young ones and the effort these public figures and organizations put into this campaigns my question is if everyone has some bullying story to tell, then who were the people who actually bullied this kids. we hear of teenagers who commit suicide because of the effect of bullying and we are shocked, sometimes we are confused on why anyone would want to take their lives because someone posted something negative about them on their facebook wall, but these kids are sensitive, who knows what other psychological B.S they are going through in their homes so those bullying acts just send them to the brink of insanity . When we think of bullies we think of overweight senseless kids beating other kids up and stealing their lunch money or pouring juice all over another kids head because you least in Glee that happens but to me those acts are l