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Ranked: The Women Literally Running the Planet

This article first appeared on the Atlantic, i thought it was an interesting read considering Nigeria's own Ngozi Okonjo Iweala is grouped along side these powerful women, standing strong, holding her own in th International Polity. It’s been a tough week or two for the world’s women. First, no woman became UN secretary general. Then Donald Trump threatened to grab them by something that was heretofore unprintable. And now no women have won Nobel prizes. And yet there are women who have literally been running the world this whole time. The most prominent examples are marquee leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister Theresa May, but they’re far from alone. Here are five other women on top of the world.

Dating above the peer line

Peerline? What is a Peerline you may ask? Well stop reaching for a dictionary that word does not exist, I made it up. Why not? This topic is a little less formal than usual so let’s loosen our ties (Or girdles) and dig in. Dating sigh that exciting insufferable dance we must all dance in the name of physical attraction, courtship, pre rites of course to the final destination MARRIAGE…maybe some keep on dancing but let’s focus on the pre rites.    

The DSS arrest of Four Judges ,Matters Arising:

The Legal society and some members of the general public have been up in arms over the arrest of some senior judges in Nigeria over the weekend. Conflicting details keep filtering out but apparently these judges who have been under surveillance by the DSS, were arrested and search warrants issued to search their premises, the searches carried out discovered piles of cash stocked in their houses that were allegedly paid to them to influence cases. Immediately I heard the news my first reaction was that I hope due process was followed, The Judiciary is supposed to be an independent arm of government, I hoped that the sanctity of its independence had not been polluted with this action. Regardless of the severity of the corruption allegations against the judges what is the position of the law on this matter.

Dark Twisted Fantasy

GREED that five letter word takes a life of its own, Its tentacles reaching out from beneath my skin grasping at the strings of my soul, My legs are compelled by the force of its energy, driving me like strong winds into the dark waters. Caution thrown to the wind, aggression boiling my blood over. The light that had shown from my eyes have turned a blistering red. My actions like sharp twisted fangs are wrought with the direction of its Lust.

Happy Independence Day, Nigeria

A Blog Reader who wishes to be anonymous forwarded this piece as inspired by the 56th Independence of Nigeria , which was on October 01, 2016. Makes for a short interesting piece.