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When the Music Industry embraced singing again...

  For people who have been living in an affluent box need i remind you that we are in a recession, it's been a really tough couple of years this decade and whilst there are so many theories on how the economy got this bad one sector that has faced the brunt of this recession headlong is the Music Industry, Let's be clear so that we know what i am talking about, i am referring to the American and European music market because on the contrary the Nigerian Music market has experienced an unprecedented boom.It all started in 2002, then it picked up in 2003 and record label moguls sighed with relief, the Beyonce and Usher effect were on full blast with their respective albums doing so well in 2004 then it came again a massive dip, nobody could escape it the best selling album of that year was the incredible comeback that was Diva Mariah Carey's Emancipation of Mimi album..that Album was just bread butter and everything rolled into the one, I suspect at this point Record com

YINKA DAVIES the story behind the voice.

The first time i heard about Yinka Davies i must have been about...wait am i about to give out my age? well i was very young, i remember i sat glued to the Television watching the very popular NTA programme Newsline when they featured this young lady in a wheel chair, what struck me  most about her was her high spirits, even though she was in a very precarious situation she was full of life and spoke excitedly describing the events that led to her accident and how she had fared ever since, she had been in an accident that fractured her leg , she  was asked to sing and as soon as she opened her mouth to sing  we were like what! my family was surprised that such a big voice could come from such a tiny woman...that woman was Yinka Davies. If we are talking about second chances then this singer should probably be it's brand model. badly injured  in a deadly accident in 1994 that forced her to take a break from music for four years, she stayed optimistic believing that she would have t

The Awakening

Jumoke tapped her fingers impatiently as she waited for the Legal Team handling the companies affairs to leave, Lawyers were like Kangaroos, they appeared to jump at the slightest opportunity straining their long necks and always prophesying doom, they had showed up unannounced to her office  to discuss the Companies  financial situation , she knew that she would be deceiving herself if she thought  they were remotely interested in the companies affairs they were just bothered about their Fat Retainers , Her father had been unusually absent these days his vacation had been extended by one week then another now three week extra, she suspected as was always the case with her dad that he had come across some little young thing in the Bahamas that had him distracted, "so miss Benson i suggest the best way to resolve this issue is for you to travel India and bargain with the chemical companies" The leader of the group suggested politely, she managed to force out a grimace wonderin