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From Kokolet to Diplomat’s Wife – Koko Mansion’s Chioma Akuezue reportedly marries Consul General of Germany in Nigeria

You may remember Chioma Akuezue as the cute aspiring musician from D’banj‘s 2009 reality TV show “Koko Mansion“. When Chioma signed up for Koko Mansion, she shared her previous struggles yet emphasized her focus on her goals and values. According to her, many people had tried but failed to take advantage of her under the guise of helping her with her career, “I want to be a superstar, but not at the expense of my integrity”, she said.

What the top celebrities were wearing last week.

Fashion....for celebrities what you wear is almost as important as what talent you bring to the table unless you are a kardashian where what you wear is all you bring to the table..ok i kid. check out what the top hollywood celebrities were wearing last week. who is your favorite??
Lala Vaquez Anthony is a pretty sight in yellow.