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A Tale of Four Women.

Lilian stared aimlessly as the driver drove past the streets of Lagos into Victoria island, she felt a thundering ache in the pit of her belly , her eyes were watery and she bit her lip not to shed tears, she could not believe that ochuko would do this to her, she was dressed in a short animal print gown with red killer heels, she was a woman on a mission.

You see Lilian's story was a peculiar one, she was a 24 year old graduate who thought she had hit the jackpot when she started dating an oil tycoon, being the 5th child in a family of 7 kids she was accustomed to struggling all her life, at the age of 13 her good looks had caused her unimaginable pain as she had been gang raped by two of her cousins, after the terrible ordeal she had rushed painfully into the arms of her mothers bosom , she could never forget the look in her fathers eyes when her mum narrated what had happened to her to him, he looked at her with utmost disgust and spat out in his drunken state "why wou…

2011 New Year New beginnings

Happy New Year folks, first of all i just want to say i do not believe in new year resolutions, i mean if you want to be a better person you make up your mind everyday to do something, push yourself further..but its always good to have your goals spelt out. i mean in 2010 i set out to achieve a lot of my goals and i was not thoroughly dissapointed, fine i did not make a million dollars or lose 20 pounds but i set the ball rolling and even surpassed most of my goals. Thank God for that because He made it possible.

now lets look at 2011, this is a year that i personally believe so many changes will be evident in the world, for starters we will get to find out if Michelle Obama is truly pregnant as rumors have truly been circulating and also Ghana will prove that they truly will use their new found wealth (oil) for the good of their nation and not to its detriment as nigeria did (the president's words not mine) but to be honest we all know its easier to mouth off they say power corru…