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What Happens when you Outgrow your Shell?

Growth sighs…it’s a very complicated word this one, everyone feels a buzz of pride when people compliment you on your growth, you get this deep sense of accomplishment, and why not if a third eye can see that there is some improvement in your life what’s not to like.
The process of growth though that’s another matter, sometimes the process can be scary, tumultuous and difficult but the end result is always worth it.

Having a "work wife" or "work husband" is good for your career

We haven’t worked together for almost a decade, but Christina was my first – and best – work wife. She picked me up when I fell backwards off the stage at the office Christmas party, and let me crash on her sofa the following year when I lost all my possessions and couldn’t get into my flat. We’ve travelled from Caracas to Kiev together and still go on holiday when we can, children and partners allowing. When she got married I was her bridesmaid.
But the defining moment when I realised she was my work wife happened eight years ago when I was made redundant from the company we worked at together. It was my first job, and I’d been there almost four years. I kind of knew it was time to leave, and it wasn’t the biggest shock in the world but, still, no one really expects that conversation on a Monday afternoon. I wouldn’t have bought all my lunches for the week from the supermarket next door an hour earlier if I had. After being told I was probably losing my job, I went straight to the pub …

An African Fashion Startup To Watch:

So sorry i have not been able to update this blog for a while now , i have been extremely busy (announcement coming soon), Part of my activities have been in the exciting world of fashion.

The Economic recession that we are currently coming out of seems to have brought out the creative genius in a lot of youths, the Fashion industry is currently booming, with people patronizing made in Nigeria products almost as much as foreign attires.

I have decided to share this article featured on for all my fashion enthusiasts.


Nigerian entrepreneur Chekwas Okafor is the founder and CEO of, an e-commerce platform for luxury fashion from Africa.

The creation of was inspired by a simple, yet magnificent idea: To showcase and promote the luxury African fashion to the rest of the world. ONYCHEK aims to be the leading retail portal for African fashion and is building a reputation for stocking only the best of African couture from some of the conti…

The Diet Police and their minions

I guess you can tell from the topic that this is about weight and the fat shamers. Now for all you skinny girls who can eat a house and still retain your slender figure please look away this topic is not for you, and yes we curvy girls all hate you, but for people like me who have been struggling with weight issues for years now I know some of you will relate in some ways to this topic.

LOVE TRIANGLE (A tale of Love , Lies, Heartbreaks and Deception)

At work we have this interactive platform, where colleagues are encouraged to express themselves freely, well apparently one of my colleagues wanted to air something off his chest and wrote this interesting piece of Fiction, I was captivated by his write up and Dakky could not let it go, thus began this amazing heart breaking story of love, lies, heartbreaks and deception.
The story has definitely taken a life of its own and many characters might pop up as people respond, so prepare for updates on this story.
Makes for quite a good read.
Two friends who worked together fell in love but after a night of hot passion the lady transferred out to another office, she cut off all communication with her friend turned lover and this is the series of  Letters that has emanated from that interaction.


It’s no news that 2016 was one of the worst years for the Nigerian economy, the country reaped its reward for ignoring previous lucrative sectors and concentrating primarily on revenue from the Oil Sector, consequently when Oil prices plummeted the Nigerian economy followed suit. The Government scrambled around playing the blame game and rolling out unsuccessful policies that further worsened the situation, at the peak of the crisis prices of commodities shot up to the point that it became unbearable to even prepare a pot of stew for a low income family.
At the end of the full year of 2016, GDP contracted by -1.51 per cent,This Contraction reflected the impact of the difficult year for Nigeria characterized by weaker inflation-induced consumption demand, an increase in pipeline vandalism, significantly reduced foreign reserves and a concomitantly weaker currency. Problems in the energy sector such as fuel shortages and lower electricity generation compounded the situation.


It’s no secret that a new lucrative profession seems to be emerging in the Nigerian landscape, as sad as it is “Whistle blowing “has become the next best thing.  With the disgraceful looting  of funds  by our corrupt public officials, the Ministry of Finance launched an effective whistleblowing programmeseveral months ago.
The initiative was birthed as a means of helping the nation get useful information aims by rewarding anyone who can provide information on stolen or concealed public assets.
So far this practice seems to be yielding positive result, with millions of naira discovered in abandoned luxury flats and graveyards the big picture of how massive the looters seem to have robbed the nation’s purse is now clear.
Now that we are retrieving these funds the big question seems to be what will be done to the perpetrators and how will these funds be utilized?



Rethinking Breadwinner – A better approach Unknown to many breadwinner has not always been the original concept contrary to what many have taught over the years. It was a circumstantial paradigm that was developed to promote family life but that was based on the assumption that the woman is best suited to handle the kids while the man is best suited to bring in money. While that may not be totally bad it fails to promote the individual potentials because we have seen cases where the man is actually the best person to raise the children while the wife is best with money making because of her make up as a serial entrepreneur.


Extremely belated Post, i want to apologize this post should have been up months ago, i started it and couldn't get myself to conclude it because of the interruptions of the rat race. However here we go , it's just something that i had to finish. I may edit this in some near future but for now here goes.
Feminism …….sigh this word again, I suspect readers who are not aware of my other write ups will soon brand me a diehard feminist , however I definitely could not ignore the travesty that took place some months ago between our lovely First family.

Who Big Brother Naija really EP?

When the first season of Big Brother Africa premiered in 2003 I was unashamedly stuck, I couldn’t imagine 12 human beings living in a house with cameras everywhere just frolicking around and interacting with each other for my entertainment. To say the first Big Brother was explosive is a mild adjective, it was definitely filled with numerous controversies, from the shower hour which I hated and never watched, to the wild parties, to watching housemates engage in morally questionable acts it was definitely a rude shock especially for African countries who like to hide behind the conservative nature  of our  culture.

The AMVCA AWARDS 2017, A night of Laughter, Celebration and Fashion.

The 5th edition of the prestigious Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCAs) held on Saturday, March 4, 2017, at the Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island Lagos.

The ceremony which will go down as one of the best so far since its inception was broadcast live across the continent and  hosted by IK Osakioduwa and Minenhle ‘Minnie’ Dlamini.

Guests were thrilled with music performances from Africa’s finest musical talents in­cluding TimiDakolo and leading African songstresses Waje and Lira. The  winner of the first edition of The Voice Nigeria A’rese alongside other Voice talents Chike and the newly signed Mavin Records acts, the DNA twins also performed.

Press Release by NALT CLUB International on the Xenophobic attacks against Nigerians and other African nationals in South Africa.


The National Association of liberation Tigers (NALT); a civil society social movement of over 10,000 Nigerian citizens from different disciplines across the globe, joins the rest of the world to condemn the recent attacks on foreigners especially Nigerians and other Africans nationals in South Africa.

This sad turn of events is a departure from the continent's ongoing re-visioning of African integration as a panacea for African solutions to African problems. NALT decries that this is a set back to our collective will as Africans in stretching out hands of friendship and goodwill across borders.
This further undermines the position of our continent as the new investment destination of the world as well the emerging global power block.


Richard smiled at his neighbors as he made his way back to his house in Surulere, running in the morning always put him on such a high he couldn’t stop smiling at every one. The community here was always so friendly none of them knew he was a policeman and he liked to keep it that way, they hardly ever saw him in his uniform and his car was tinted.
His family had been shocked when he had announced that he wanted to return to Nigeria to work in the police force, he had spent the last fifteen years of his life in the United States of America studying Forensic science, eight years after graduation he had worked as an evidence custodian in one of the Law enforcement agencies in America but last year he had experienced a personal tragedy that changed the course of his career.

Oscars 2017: The women that ruled the red carpet.

There is one major fashion event in the year that dominates all the headlines, That is the Oscars red carpet. This year the women came to dominate, it could probably go down as one of the best dressed Oscars red carpet in recent times. 

Actresses like Taraji P. Henson slaying in a (in a sultry midnight blue gown by Alberta Ferretti), or  Karlie Kloss looking like an angel, (in an asymmetric Stella McCartney ensemble) ,  Halle Berry came out to play (in an exquisite Atelier Versace number).

A gold statue may have been what everyone was after, but pearl-colored gowns dominated the 89th Academy Awards, from  Isabelle Huppert arriving  in a shimmering nude gown by Armani Privé to  Felicity Jones who shined in a creamy tulle frock by Dior and Hailee Steinfeld turning  heads in a dreamy alabaster dress with floral detailing by Ralph & Russo.

Beads, feathers, and appliques dominated the star-studded runway, with Chrissy Teigen (in Zuhair Murad), Octavia Spencer (in Marchesa), Jan…

Chapter 2 The Dance with the Alpha

hi guys so i am still writing my werewolf story on wattpad...its coming along slowly but surely we are now at chapter 5..phew. Its finally taking shape, get the current updates on my wattpad profile

For my readers here i decided to share Chapter 2.

How to handle a Crush on a coworker.

We just finished celebrating February 14th,  Valentine’s Day …A day set aside by card makers and florists to rip us off of our hard earned cash,…… sorry scratch that I was joking, a day set aside to celebrate LOVE.

It’s a beautiful thing to love and be loved in return but in Life it’s not always as simple as that, for some Valentine’s Day reminded them of a day to celebrate their partners, showering them with gifts and attention whilst trying to re-create the early days when the relationship was hot and steamy.
For others February 14th  falling on a work day was another day to remind them that the Coworker they were crushing on is unavailable, or to be more direct “was not theirs”. They were forced to fake smiles as they watched the exchange of gifts between that person and their significant other.


Happy Valentines Day folks.

I wish you guys loads and loads of Love this day and every day in your lives.

For curious minds read below an article i stumbled on about the history of Valentines day.

Ten ways to celebrate Valentines day without breaking the Bank.

Guys its Five more days to Valentines day , for all the players in the house i know you have been hyperventilating since we entered the month of February  but you will get no empathy from me, you made your bed so sleep on it. Good luck trying to cough out gifts for your numerous girlfriends this season.

Now for my monogamous romantic lovers, yes dears stop fussing around i understand that there is a recession and i agree with you that sharing your love should not be limited to one day in the week.
but being thrifty might not be the best option on Valentine's Day ,household peace should be your priority.
If there is one occasion that preys on your heartstrings and equally on your purse strings, it is this one.
In fact i share your rebellious sentiment that you should not follow the crowd and spend ridiculously for one day in the year because everyone is doing i decided to search for my research glasses and get you these few tips to celebrate valentines day with a small…

The Queen and the Lycan (The Hunt) Chapter 1

Guys so i finally decided to drop Chapter One of my Werewolf here for you guys to read, as i said earlier follow dakkylove on wattpad to read updates as they drop. I will appreciate your comments.
David let the drops from the water wash over his body, he needed to calm his frayed nerves , this was the third time in this week alone when his wolf had nearly gained control in public.


Marriage …Love…..Unity what does all that mean without trust, these days it seems like couples have more secrets between them than a Swedish Banker with the IRS. Everybody seems to want to have one up over the other.
You hear of different situations in a home and you wonder if these couples are actually married or in if in reality they are two soldiers at war living in the same household. They act like two poker players always seeking to read the others hand. What happened to good ol fashioned Love means share everything principle?


If you are an adept financial trend enthusiast and interested about digital streams of income, you surely must have heard about Bitcoin . I know you may be a little bit confused but i will attempt to  try and break it down  in a series of articles that may convert you and me into Bitcoin believers.

Bitcoin was invented as a peer-to-peer system for online payments, it  does not require a trusted central authority. Since its inception in 2008, Bitcoin has grown into a technology, a currency, an investment vehicle, and a community of users.

10 Business Trends That Will Grow in 2017

If you haven’t noticed, Millennials have been on the rise. They are now the largest group (United States) living group according to the Census Bureau.
Because so many Millennials are in charge of buying decisions, the world is changing and business trends for the upcoming years will have to cater more to this generation.
For an audience that craves success and technology, here are 10 strategies you may want to consider revamping for 2017.

The Queen and The Lycan PROLOGUE

Guys like i said i am writing my first mythical tale , werewolf and all, if you are on wattpad follow dakkylove, you will updates on the story as soon as its written.

Chapter 1 is available , i will be sharing it here as well but days after being published ion wattpad.

Read the Prologue below.

The Queen and the Lycan

Hey guys so i just joined this site wattpad, anyone who truly knows me knows that i am a werewolf/vampire that can kind of lore lover.

I finally decided to start writing my first book on this genre of course with a little twist , i will be introducing new beings and changing up the whole werewolf folklore.

I am a little nervous but whats the new year without a challenge. if you are on wattpad pls follow dakkylove to get the first updates on this story.

I will of course be posting chapters on this blog but that may be way after wattpad.

Happy New Year 2017!!!!

Happy New Year Folks, Thank God we made it, may this year bring bigger and brighter things….let’s keep building this empires and touching lives.
From Dakkylove