The Queen and the Lycan (The Hunt) Chapter 1

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David let the drops from the water wash over his body, he needed to calm his frayed nerves , this was the third time in this week alone when his wolf had nearly gained control in public.

He felt refreshed as he  took deep breaths as the cold water from the shower poured on his skin, he needed to calm down.He had been at the bar trying to lose his sorrows with bottles of beer when a biker had picked a fight with him, standing over the wounded man who was losing blood from a broken nose and a split lip his wolf still demanded he needed more, He wanted to tear into the Bikers neck and pull out his larynx so nobody would dare cross him, It had taken all the determination and his well strength to drag himself away from that situation into his one bedroom apartment.  He could still hear  his wolf growl deep within his soul, it had tasted blood and it loved it, it was losing respect for this human that kept it caged, it needed to let loose, to sink its teeth into flesh once more, but he would not allow it, he knew first hand the disaster this wolf could do if left uncontrolled. He took deep breaths again as his mind wandered to the events that made him lose control as a human and as a wolf.

David Hohni in all his Thirty Seven years had prided himself  of not losing control of his wolf side, Born to a mixed race Nigerian /Italian mother and a Cherokee Native American he had never lived a charmed life.His father was a weird disciplinarian who was  majorly absent in his life but still expected him to be strong and impenetrable as a man .

His father  would show up out of the blues on rare occasions and take David deep in the forest on  hunting trips, teaching him how to hunt and fish. He was a bit over ten years when his father had first introduced him to what could be lying dormant in his soul.

They had come across a deer, They both squatted immediately to avoid being seen by the deer,  his father had suddenly turned to him with an unreadable expression and muttered quietly "Hunt!", eager to please his father he had reached for the hunting rifle which his father had taught him to use only to be met by a slap on his palms
."No " his father had said roughly , "Hunt!" he looked down pointedly at his hands and David had almost exclaimed with shock 
"you want me to hunt with my hands?" His father's brows had come together anger thinning his lips, David knew this look, he scampered down and did as he was told.

He sat there confused for some moments tears staining his eyes, he would no doubt get a severe trashing today, he had no idea how he could achieve this task. suddenly his eyes twitched as the Deer had moved farther away from his dad and closer to him, he stayed absolutely still watching, suddenly he could smell everything around him, it was as if the more he concentrated on his prey the better his senses were picking up on his surroundings, he looked down at his nails clutching the dirt he could almost swear they had grown an inch or two in a few seconds, suddenly as quietly as he could he began crawling on all fours towards the deer, his father was forgotten, his clothes were forgotten all he could concentrate on was catching this prey.

He stopped a few feet towards his prey realizing that if he moved any closer his prey would see him and he would lose the advantage. He breathed in the earths scent his body realizing what he needed to do before his mind could comprehend it, rising up on all fours he lunged from his position catching the deer by surprise, reaching for its neck he grabbed it quickly before the deer could run , swiftly rolling over and pinning the small animal with his legs whilst his fingers dug deep into its neck, his adrenaline ran high as the deer made feeble attempts  to escape , his breathing was ragged almost unrecognizable as if it was not his own but that of another, he could feel the life seeping away from the animal but strangely he felt no remorse.

He did not hear his fathers footsteps as he almost jumped out of his skin when  his father suddenly materialized beside him looking down at him with pride. he looked down at his blood stained hands and  gasped in surprise as he could have sworn that his  fingers had transformed into something a little bit grotesque, long claws stretched out where he previously had nails, before he could rationalize what was happening his hands were back to normal.

 His father picked him up from the dirty mud  and hugged him for the first time in his life. murmuring in his native language " Tsilugi waya" David's eyes widened in fright, his father had just called him a wolf.

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