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Dear Diary.....I want a Divorce.

  © I sat down in my fathers house, Eight months pregnant, fat , grumpy and pissed as hell, Maximilian had crossed the line this time around and i would never go back to him. It all started last month when I found a crumpled complimentary card in Maximilian's shirt, I had been making an attempt to do the laundry which had been piling up for weeks, I actually believed that My husband would change once my Pregnancy got to its late stage and start helping out around the house, but it seemed like the bigger my tummy grew the more Maximilian found every excuse to be away from the house. At first i was upset but  in recent months  i began to accept that my overgrown baby of a husband was just not the nurturing type. He probably knew that if he stayed in the house i would ask him to do some house chores so he was always "working late" these days , Personally i didn't even mind anymore at least his friends had stopped trooping in to my house like a bunch of monkeys I fi


Three Men walk into a well-furnished house, two are dressed in sharp dark suits whilst the third is dressed in casual traditional attire. They are attempting to sell off a property which was used as Collateral on a Credit Facility for a Nigerian Bank. “Alhaji this house is in superb condition, as you can see, at the price we are offering it is literally a giveaway”  Ayo the Retail Monitoring Officer  begins the conversation,gesticulating towards the lavish parlor with its exquisite furnishings still in tact. “Wallahi Ayo if it is giveaway oya dash me now, you are charging me Eighty Million Naira fa and you call it giveaway.”  The man in casual attire responded. Alhaji Idris had been approached by the bankers in an attempt to sell off the property and recoups the Bank's Investment. Mark the Business Manager decided he would have to make use of all his marketing skills if he wanted to convince the reluctant millionaire to  make a serious offer for the p


If you are anything like me you just want to come to work and deliver the best services in the best environment possible and close the day feeling like you have achieved a big one for the team. Make friends, learn new stuff, the Basics ……nobody told me that, this would not be enough, I did not get the memo that you also need to learn the skill of nuanced office politics involved in handling your boss. This should leave you querying why? if you are a professional should your job not speak for itself, why should there be a feeling of walking on egg shells because you don’t want to come across as quite aggressive to your superiors, even when everyone knows you are correct, why can’t you just do your work and speak up when you need to……that does work in some environments.

BLACK WIDOW ....The Meeting

©   He smelt her before he saw her, a soft fresh scent tantalizing his nostrils, he got up abruptly adjusting his trousers, he could hear her voice just outside the door way addressing one of her staff. Her voice sounded soft but authoritative her English fluent , he was not surprised everything about her screamed perfection, she walked in and he actually felt dizzy , her long black hair was wrapped neatly behind a Black silk scarf, she wore a loose fitted black hijab that covered her appropriately . She was the perfect picture of a dutiful wife in mourning but his body would not let him forget that behind all that material was a beautiful crafted master piece. Her smell enveloped him as she stepped up to him and extended her hand politely, “So sorry to have kept you waiting for this long I hope you were thoroughly entertained while you waited?” hazel brown eyes tinged with slight mischief stared straight into his and he could swear she knew that he had been watch