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Guide to buying an Inexpensive Watch

Branding is everything, before you open your lips to speak there are a lot of things that have already pre formed an opinion about you. Ask the Corporate Salesman about one of the most effective tools to his trade and he will tell you a nice well tailored suit. These days depending on what segment of the society you cater to, it’s not just about your suits, your accessories are also very important, ” entrer” the wristwatch. Fun Fact Did you know that wristwatches were first worn by women, Before the 20th century, wristwatches  were worn only by women . Men have entered into the fray with a vengeance and cultivate a habit of wearing the most expensive wristwatches , most men brag about their wristwatch collections as proudly as they brag about their gadgets, but not everybody can afford a $10,000 Rolex , So how do you buy quality wrist watches without breaking the Bank?


Its Friday so can I keep it real …really real. Who has ever been friend zoned here? Raises my hands grudgingly and looks away in shame, listen we have all been there, before I go on “what is a friend zone?” you may ask. Well in simple terms it’s when you are crushing on someone and want something serious with the person but you are relegated to being “just friends”.  From the point of view of someone who has been Friend Zoned and who has placed a lot of people in the Friend Zone, either way it’s a very uncomfortable Dynamics in a relationship.

Nigerian launches Farmcrowdy, Nigeria’s first digital agriculture platform

Whilst some Nigerians are crying out about the current economic recession, some Nigerians are utilizing the needs in the environment to launch Agricultural driven businesses. Take for instance serial entrepreneur and digital expert, Onyeka Akumah who has just  launched a new platform in the agricultural space.

Nigerians, Greed and Wonder banks

  My very close friend Olubusola Mada had some concerns she wanted to express on the MMM Phenomenon currently taking over Nigeria, so she decided to write this impassioned article on why people should not participate in the Scheme. Read Below. My parents invested so much in me so that I can differentiate between the truth and a farce, they let me know that if I’m too greedy I’ll loose my investment funds and when an opportunity seem too juicy with seemly little or no risk involved, I should take my time to analyze it, escalate to people who may know about it, listen to advice before going into it.

Vote for my entries in the Etisalat Flash Fiction Award.

Hi Guys, Please follow the link below to vote for my entries into the Etisalat Flash Fiction Award. Maidens release a shorter adaption of a poem i wrote here on domestic violence and the negative effect it may cause, in that particular case suicide. And Xenophobia , a shorter adaptation of a short story i wrote here on the  Xenophobic attacks that happened in an african country. Please Vote.

Beyonce struts and steals show at CMA awards with Dixie Chicks.

Queen Beyonce was taught by the best, remember when Destiny Child had gospel song Amazing Grace on their first Album. The Singer quick to remind folks you cant put her in a box, showed up with a cleavage bearing silver gown to perform my favorite cut of her Lemonade Album with Country Music Icons Dixie Chicks. Watch the Performance below.