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Hey guys first of all i want to apologize for readers who were following my tale of four women...i deeply regret not concluding the story and abandoning it for this long but guess what i am writing a new one . hopefully you will love this series as well. after thinking about it i have decided instead of completing the series and having old readers who have probably lost touch with the series and new readers who have to go and read it from the beginning i have decided to do the best thing sell the story...... A tale of four women is for sale...yep i will conclude the series and sell to any producer or script developer interested in buying . you can contact me via email on or hit me up on twitter @dakkylove God bless.

The Female on top of the Corporate Ladder.....A gift or a Curse??

I always tell people Life is a book with different chapters, if you skip one or two chapters you might not understand how to fall  into rhythm with your story, Impatience makes  people want skim through the book pages, thereby walking clueless all through life. Who remembers the Beijing women’s conference in 1995? Personally i think African women finally caught the spirit of female liberation that had been roaming around Europe and the western world for several decades  that year.