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Notice the key word here is Spouse and not boyfriend/girlfriend, Lover, Partner e.t.c, that is not to say when partners in a relationship cheat it doesn’t hurt as much cos trust me it does, but if you are in a relationship with a serial cheater why marry that person?, I don’t understand that school of thought so let’s focus on the married folks. Cheating, Creeping, Dipping in the pond, Infidelity, Adultery, stepping out …whatever you call it but what do you do when your spouse breaks your marriage vows? Firstly why this topic again you may ask, why the constant obsession with cheating and infidelity? There are worse ways to hurt someone than being unfaithful to them, why can’t people just accept the fact that everyone cheats or may have tendencies to cheat. Why can’t we focus on more productive things in a relationship like better sex or financial and Spiritual growth? Or getting your spouse to not pour water all over the place after a bath (forgive me I digress).


This weekend started for me with a bad dose of jetlag and deep sense of loss that the Purple one Prince was gone too soon, so I was in a sort of zombie slump( If that’s a word) and then of course I had been following the chatter that Queen Bey was going to drop her visual/album on HBO on Saturday Night. I am a closeted Beyonce Fan to be honest but I hate the over hype, her fans who call themselves the Bey Hive are like a swarm of deadly bees on steroids who will sting at anything they perceive is about to attack their queen so I let the wave ride and slept off, I eventually caught the whole movie on Sunday.