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You know i always wondered when my parents used to talk about things being better in the old days if it was just some form of wishful white lie but you know i have joined them, things were actually better in the old days for one thing almost every female magazine wasn't filled with some form of sob story and for another a chick didn't have to wait for valentine's day or her birthday to stock up new perfumes #justsaying.

seriously though what has suddenly come over men, where did all the romantic men go? this is exactly what one of my close friends and i were discussing this weekend, i introduced her to some guy who told me he liked her and the first thing the guy could come up with was some funny crappy question.


First off there is a reason why the topic is in parenthesis and abbreviated, we Africans don't like to talk about homosexuality, its like its a taboo or something.
we file topics like this under topics like bestiality and incest it's too disgusting and unthinkable to fathom. but the reality is that homosexuality is on the rise, from the Legal gay marriages in Europe and some parts of America to numerous homosexuals gaining positions of power all over the fashion and entertainment world this act seems to be picking up all over the world and Africa is not left out.
this days we hear about a lot of undercover gay hangouts and spots spanning from the north to the south of Nigeria, personally i have never been to any but as they say in my place there is no smoke without fire.

Personally i will be honest, i don't support gay marriages i think its unnatural and its not in the bible so there you have it, but that said i have met some few open homosexuals and they don't seem …