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Behind the Veiled Curtain

Ndidi drove through the traffic at Apapa angrilly,she could not believe she had been in traffic for over forty five minutes, she was tense with anticipation , if after all this trouble she did not meet Glass eyes at his old hangout she would be double mad, suddenly she saw an opening an entourage carrying some local dignitary was blasting its way through ,its  powerful sirens throwing drivers into confusion as cars made way for it to pass, she timed it patiently watching from her rear view mirror as soon as she sighted the last car on the entourage near hers with surprising speed she swerved her steering blocking an ash colored benz that had been tagging behind the entourage making her way through, in less than fifteen minutes she was parked in front of No 26 Erlingston street, she stared at the building it looked deserted, she remembered way back in school when she would come here to visit glass eyes, even on weekdays there were all sorts of parties going on in that house, if the men


These days everyone seems to want to join some anti bullying campaign, without disregarding the impact some of this campaigns are having on the young ones and the effort these public figures and organizations put into this campaigns my question is if everyone has some bullying story to tell, then who were the people who actually bullied this kids. we hear of teenagers who commit suicide because of the effect of bullying and we are shocked, sometimes we are confused on why anyone would want to take their lives because someone posted something negative about them on their facebook wall, but these kids are sensitive, who knows what other psychological B.S they are going through in their homes so those bullying acts just send them to the brink of insanity . When we think of bullies we think of overweight senseless kids beating other kids up and stealing their lunch money or pouring juice all over another kids head because you least in Glee that happens but to me those acts are l

A TALE OF FOUR WOMEN (The three Legged Horsemen)

For some seconds all Lilian could see was a bright light, she tried to open her eyelids but they seemed to be made of lead, she tried to think but her brain was still so fuzzy, suddenly she began to hear noises, at first the noises seemed distant and indistinct she couldn't make out the sounds, she tried opening her eyes again but the bright light hit her again so she closed it immediately, she began to wonder if she was in heaven or hell, the thought of being in the after life made her panic, she knew that with all the bad stuff she had done in her life there was only one place she was headed, she suddenly began to struggle with her fatigue, if she was going to be led to a lake of fire she was going to see her destination before she was dragged there. Esther was preoccupied as she walked into the private ward of the hospital on the last floor, The reporter had not seemed impressed when she informed her that it was her boss that was paying for Lillian Phillips hospital bills, s


If you are thinking that i am being too graphic with this topic..well maybe you are right but at times like this its appropriate we tell ourselves the truth. who do i blame for this white collar mentality?? well actually everyone gets a piece of the blame pie , i mean i don't know how you all grew up but when i grew up parents wanted their kids to become doctors, Lawyers, know professionals, we lived in our civil servants quarters, with the official cars, furniture was paid by the office, hospital bills, travel allowances i mean to be honest lets face it, having a good government job was fantastic back then, the government took care of its own and so it was not out of place for parents to want their children to follow in their footsteps. I never knew one child who replied "i want to run my own business when i grow up" when asked "what do you want to be when you grow up?" , that was the same era Charles Oputa aka Charly Boy and Fela Anikulap

When the Music Industry embraced singing again...

  For people who have been living in an affluent box need i remind you that we are in a recession, it's been a really tough couple of years this decade and whilst there are so many theories on how the economy got this bad one sector that has faced the brunt of this recession headlong is the Music Industry, Let's be clear so that we know what i am talking about, i am referring to the American and European music market because on the contrary the Nigerian Music market has experienced an unprecedented boom.It all started in 2002, then it picked up in 2003 and record label moguls sighed with relief, the Beyonce and Usher effect were on full blast with their respective albums doing so well in 2004 then it came again a massive dip, nobody could escape it the best selling album of that year was the incredible comeback that was Diva Mariah Carey's Emancipation of Mimi album..that Album was just bread butter and everything rolled into the one, I suspect at this point Record com

YINKA DAVIES the story behind the voice.

The first time i heard about Yinka Davies i must have been about...wait am i about to give out my age? well i was very young, i remember i sat glued to the Television watching the very popular NTA programme Newsline when they featured this young lady in a wheel chair, what struck me  most about her was her high spirits, even though she was in a very precarious situation she was full of life and spoke excitedly describing the events that led to her accident and how she had fared ever since, she had been in an accident that fractured her leg , she  was asked to sing and as soon as she opened her mouth to sing  we were like what! my family was surprised that such a big voice could come from such a tiny woman...that woman was Yinka Davies. If we are talking about second chances then this singer should probably be it's brand model. badly injured  in a deadly accident in 1994 that forced her to take a break from music for four years, she stayed optimistic believing that she would have t

The Awakening

Jumoke tapped her fingers impatiently as she waited for the Legal Team handling the companies affairs to leave, Lawyers were like Kangaroos, they appeared to jump at the slightest opportunity straining their long necks and always prophesying doom, they had showed up unannounced to her office  to discuss the Companies  financial situation , she knew that she would be deceiving herself if she thought  they were remotely interested in the companies affairs they were just bothered about their Fat Retainers , Her father had been unusually absent these days his vacation had been extended by one week then another now three week extra, she suspected as was always the case with her dad that he had come across some little young thing in the Bahamas that had him distracted, "so miss Benson i suggest the best way to resolve this issue is for you to travel India and bargain with the chemical companies" The leader of the group suggested politely, she managed to force out a grimace wonderin

The Talking Drum

Being african there are things that are just literally in my blood, like when you hear the traditional beats of the talking drum its instinctive i feel my body tingle, let me take you on a small history trip.What exactly is the talking drum and how does it work? The  talking drum  is a West African Hourglass drum whose pitch can be regulated to mimic the tone and prosody of human was used regularly during the Pre colonial era before the advent of post offices and now the internet, I am also pretty sure it was used to transmit coded messages which the indigenes did not want the white man to understand .  Bringing it back to this write up don,t worry i am not about to take you back to the days of the talking drum and traveling cowries (yes the cowries traveled great distances and showed the medicine man the future, present and the past) if you believe that you will also believe that a certain special broom can bring or chase rain but i digress right now  let,s talk about g

COMPETITION (Tale of Four Women ) Fiction ended

Hi guys i am pleased to announce that  to encourage people who have been following my serial story since it begun in January 2011, I am doing a  small competition.. The first four winners who will submit the answers to ALL 3 questions correctly in the quiz below will win N2,500 air time(each). They will be able to determine the particular GSM Telecom air time they want their prize to come as (note that each winner is limited to request for not more than 2 different Telecoms  company air time.). To qualify for this competition you must (a) be following me on Twitter ,username is @dakkylove or (b) be my facebook friend. You also must have read the 9 series story to the current post (Scratching the surface) You may send your answers to me on twitter or via facebook message , text messages, conversations and other means of correspondence is not acceptable. To win you must answer ALL the three questions below correctly  1) How long had Lilian been dating Ochuko before she fo

A TALE OF FOUR WOMEN (Scratching the surface)

Ochuko walked into his father,s 11th floor office with a scowl on his face, He had been getting ready to witness  the  Formula one Monaco Grand Prix competition   in Monte Carlo when his father,s call came through, his father's voice was even less curt and harsh than usual. "Oghenochuko where have you been? " he barked, " you were supposed to be back in Nigeria since last week have you been following the news " "Dad.." he had tried responding  " you better be here by Tuesday latest " with that he hung up, that was three days ago,  dressed in a Polo T shirt and jeans Ochuko swung his long legs with confident strides as he made a beeline for his father,s office, the stir amongst the office  staff was evident, the atmosphere suddenly becoming quiet and a re echoing of "good morning sir" following him,  he ignored them all, stopping only at his father,s door to chat with the secretary a middle aged skinny woman who was standing over a y

DARE ART ALADE Representing the Art in his name

Dare Art Alade is the first artist to start off the music section of this blog, and many of you  will wonder why him, people who really know me know that i am not a die hard Dare fan but a fan is exactly what i have become why..because the man keeps on improving and giving me good music. lets take a step back who is this artiste? i first heard of Darey when i switched on the TV to watch one of those morning shows on NTA Channel 5  i think it was AM express, this Acapella group of about 5 called chordwebs  came on, it was a beautiful performance but even then Dare stood out, his deep baritone voice made the harmony in the group seep in like soft nectar, i was like who is this guy? when they introduced themselves and he said his name was Dare Art Alade the name rang a bell but i couldn,t quite place it, fast forward some months later i met one of the members of his Acapella group and he couldn't shut up about his band members especially


Esther made her way home grudgingly, she had to drop off one of her co-nurses by bode thomas before driving through terrible traffic to get to her place at Aguda, surulere. as soon as she drove in as expected the light in her son's bedroom went off and she heard his door bang. she sighed quietly wondering how she was going to survive another night in this house. she opened the door to see her little 9 year old daughter seated on the floor in the sitting room almost entering the television screen munching biscuit , "grace what did i tell you about going so near  the TV, you will hurt your eyes." "welcome home mama "her daughter greeted nonchalantly her eyes not wavering from the TV, this was the time her husband should have scolded her daughter for being disrespectful but he was gone, this time around she had not heard from him in two months and she was too tired to play daddy and mummy, she was tired of everything. "have you and your brother eaten?" &


Nigeria where do i begin? maybe we should begin by discussing the origins of our name, the name Nigeria was given to my country by Flora Shaw the girlfriend or future wife of Baron Lugard a British colonial administrator in the 19th century. Let's allow that to sink in a bit, we are the largest black nation in the world,Africa's most populous nation and our name was given to us on the whims of a British socialite keen to impress his bride to be, does this remind anyone of King Herod and the beheading of John the Baptist?? ok i digress,with over 155 million people and over 250 ethnic tribes the age old question comes about how did we all come together and how come we have been together this long without tearing ourselves apart? Nigeria is largely a spiritual, superstitious nation. regardless of what religion they find themselves there is the cogent belief in a supreme deity, so maybe we were destined to all be grouped together like some obedient sheep into a barn yard but


Esther looked down with pity at the lifeless patient on the bed, she checked her pulse and confirmed that the cocktail of drugs in the drip attached to her veins was flowing properly, from experience she knew that one could not gauge when a patient would come out of a coma especially with a blood pressure rate this low, it was at times like this that she closed her nursing books and picked up what she knew best her faith. Esther was a strong christian, she had grown up in a strict christian household, the middle child and only female child in a family of four males. Growing up with her parents had been tough, her parents believed that sacrifice was one of the greatest callings of a christian, so she was not allowed to watch "secular programs on TV", she was not allowed to wear makeup or jewelry or allowed to ask for extra pocket money to buy desserts after school, her fathers motto was "deny yourself and live within your means". she didn't really mind, she wa


Seriously is that even a word?? well its my word, the Cougar effect is catching on even down to our male socially dominated old fashioned Africa, older women dating younger men are now on the increase, its time for me to give my own 2 cents on this trend. First of all, even though i try not to make this blog about feminine issues there is no way that you can talk about the cougar effect and relate it to men, Men have been dating younger women since time immemorial, in the old African custom it was basically like a status thing. you make some good money by selling a handful of your harvested crops, turn older and marry some young pretty thing to complement, nobody raised any eyebrows, a lot of his peers would tap him on the back and look at his wife lustfully.

A TALE OF FOUR WOMEN (Ndidiamaka's story)contd

Ndidi came out of the bathroom confused, events from last night kept on haunting her and she didn't mean just the phone call, she had crossed a line and suspected her younger brother would be furious with her, she glanced at her bed, He was still sprawled out asleep, her eyes drank in the sight of him, 6 ft 3 inches ,lean all muscles hard male, her brother would be mad she slept with his mentor but standing there staring at him and recollecting last nights activities she felt a rush in her insides and knew she was not sorry. 30 minutes later standing in front of her bedroom mirror in her bra and a pair of black denim jeans, putting the last strand of her tinted dark golden blond hair into place she felt her visitor move, "you're a sight for sore eyes" he muttered in that deep baritone voice of his, she felt herself blush all over and steeled herself, "one would think i worked you to death last night with the way you slept all through the night " she respon


I have not blogged much about serious issues these days because i have been caught up with work and my serial story which is is still in progress.I absolutely love the gift of story telling , it is one of the best gifts God has given me and i am grateful to be able to take you guys into my mind, i know sometimes it is surprising what you find there but still in the recent days i have ben influenced with believe it or not politics, the crisis in the middle east has fascinated me, so much so that for 9 hours non stop one day i went to read all about the previous wars that have occured in Africa, the Middle east and the western world my eyes were literally swollen, my discoveries are for another post. on sunday i received a BBm from one of my contacts, it was a story meant to sensitize mothers to be aware of what goes on in their houses, especially with their daughters, the story talked about a woman who heard screams coming from her daughters bedroom in the middle of the night, she got

A TALE OF FOUR WOMEN (Ndidiamaka's story)

Ndidi sprang up immediately she heard her phone ring, she listened quietly to the caller on the other line and felt slight goose bumps all over her body. she glanced at the wall clock for the time it was 2.00 a.m , pulling up her pajamas trousers she reached out for a cigarette, opened her bedroom window and inhaled, feeling the warm nicotine smoke fill her lungs, it moved down her lung pipes like soothing menthol, her body began to relax and her mind started working. one of her informants had just called to inform her that Lilian Phillips had committed suicide and was rushed to a private hospital, her condition was currently unknown . Ndidi felt the pangs of guilt begin to subside from her system, true she wrote the expose article on Ochuko douglas's secret traditional wedding but if Lilian Phillips was dead she refused to blame herself, what Nigerian woman committed suicide because of a man, that was not a usual occurrence the lady was just mentally unbalanced. she stared though

The Tale of Four Women (Olajumoke's story contd)

Olajumoke's affair with Rashida ended as briefly as it had started, one saturday evening she came back late from work to find rashida's things gone and a note from her stating that she was heading to France because Lagos had become boring for her, Jumoke was not hurt, truth be told she knew that what she and rashida shared was simply borne out of loneliness, they were complete opposites, whilst she poured herself into her work rashida partied all day and night most times with her cash, she began to prepare for the inevitable when Rashida started bringing ladies home with her "let's have a threesome" she had suggested one night , jumoke did not even bother to look up from her laptop as she continued reading the report she had to place before her father the next day, "did you say something?" jumoke asked nonchalantly. "yes i said lets have a threesome, it would be fun . i am getting bored." jumoke rolled her eyes, they had had this conversation

A Tale of Four Women.(Olajumoke's story)

jumoke peeped consistently at her door, munching on a bar of bounty chocolate waiting anxiously to hear the sounds of her neighbour Lilian walk back into the next apartment, this was her daily routine, she would do anything to catch a glimpse of her beautiful next door neighbour, the feeling it gave her was indescribable ,the situation she knew was an unhealthy one but olajumoke Benson was used to unhealthy situations, she tipped the scales at 120kg ,scattered all over her apartment were empty chocolate wrappers, cartons of biscuits arranged side by side with various slimming products, she had tried forever living products, Tianshi products ,Chinese products after a while she had come to accept that she would probably be fat for the rest of her life. Olajumoke adebisi Benson was the first child of alhaji Moshood Benson, the owner of one of the largest paint companies in Nigeria, her mother on the other hand was a former beauty queen who was currently with her fourth husband,her moth

A TALE OF FOUR WOMEN (Lilian's story contd)

Ochuko walked purposely to his bedroom when they got into his three bedroom flat, he was eager to get this over with and prepare for the major meeting he had with his father tomorrow, the lady was attractive but he didn't have too much expectations for the night, he had been with a dozen of her type, he did not have the time to become emotionally entangled with women like this,it had been easy convincing her to go home with him from the party,he played this game almost every night the players were just different blurry faces , this one would be like all the rest. he threw his tuxedo on the chair ,unbuttoned his shirt and lay on the bed, he wanted to see what her next move would be he did not even have the strength to pretend to be a good host. "lets get this over with" he thought to himself. Lilian smiled and watched him laying there for a minute, she knew this game very well, He had not spoken more than five words to her through out their journey here, men like this we

A Tale of Four Women.

Lilian stared aimlessly as the driver drove past the streets of Lagos into Victoria island, she felt a thundering ache in the pit of her belly , her eyes were watery and she bit her lip not to shed tears, she could not believe that ochuko would do this to her, she was dressed in a short animal print gown with red killer heels, she was a woman on a mission. You see Lilian's story was a peculiar one, she was a 24 year old graduate who thought she had hit the jackpot when she started dating an oil tycoon, being the 5th child in a family of 7 kids she was accustomed to struggling all her life, at the age of 13 her good looks had caused her unimaginable pain as she had been gang raped by two of her cousins, after the terrible ordeal she had rushed painfully into the arms of her mothers bosom , she could never forget the look in her fathers eyes when her mum narrated what had happened to her to him, he looked at her with utmost disgust and spat out in his drunken state "why wou

2011 New Year New beginnings

Happy New Year folks, first of all i just want to say i do not believe in new year resolutions, i mean if you want to be a better person you make up your mind everyday to do something, push yourself further..but its always good to have your goals spelt out. i mean in 2010 i set out to achieve a lot of my goals and i was not thoroughly dissapointed, fine i did not make a million dollars or lose 20 pounds but i set the ball rolling and even surpassed most of my goals. Thank God for that because He made it possible. now lets look at 2011, this is a year that i personally believe so many changes will be evident in the world, for starters we will get to find out if Michelle Obama is truly pregnant as rumors have truly been circulating and also Ghana will prove that they truly will use their new found wealth (oil) for the good of their nation and not to its detriment as nigeria did (the president's words not mine) but to be honest we all know its easier to mouth off they say power corr