A TALE OF FOUR WOMEN (Lilian's story contd)

Ochuko walked purposely to his bedroom when they got into his three bedroom flat, he was eager to get this over with and prepare for the major meeting he had with his father tomorrow, the lady was attractive but he didn't have too much expectations for the night, he had been with a dozen of her type, he did not have the time to become emotionally entangled with women like this,it had been easy convincing her to go home with him from the party,he played this game almost every night the players were just different blurry faces , this one would be like all the rest. he threw his tuxedo on the chair ,unbuttoned his shirt and lay on the bed, he wanted to see what her next move would be he did not even have the strength to pretend to be a good host. "lets get this over with" he thought to himself.

Lilian smiled and watched him laying there for a minute, she knew this game very well, He had not spoken more than five words to her through out their journey here, men like this were only interested in getting the night over with and moving on in the morning, but she had other plans she was desperate not to allow this to be a one night stand, she would make sure he did not forget her in a hurry. finally she spoke "aren't you even going to offer me a drink?" he raised his eyebrow and replied nonchalantly " forgive my manners would you like a drink?" she cocked her head at him and proceeded to undress slowly, she released the pins from her hair allowing it to frame her beautiful face , she slowly unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor revealing her purple underwear all the while staring into his eyes, "yes there it was the bored look was gone" she thought to herself, she took a few steps towards him and he unconsciously raised himself, suddenly she pulled back, "point me towards your bathroom i need to make myself more comfortable" she whispered ochuko pointed to the right like a zombie, this girl's body was amazing. Lilian bent backwards purposely giving him an eyeful of her rear and picked up her bag, they were a few items in there she would need for the night.

Ochuko soon became restless, she had been in the bathroom for over 5 minutes and he was suddenly impatient, his body was alive all over he wanted to call out her name but couldn,t remember it and he didn,t want to appear too turned on but he was on fire, as if reading his thoughts she came out of the bathroom stark naked with only a scarf tied round her neck, her body was dripping wet, "wow" ochuko muttered involuntarily she walked towards him slowly and pushed him back on the bed, she began to slowly kiss him all over starting from his neck, to his chest, before she she kissed him on his mouth, ochuko thought he would go mad he grabbed her roughly and pinned her under him tearing his shirt off in his haste as he reached for his trousers she grabbed his belt to stop him and whispered in his ear, "i think i want that drink right now" "now?" he growled, "don't worry relax i will get it myself there is no hurry we have all night" she slid out from under him running her hands through his body as she got up, "can i ask you one question ochuko?" "sure" ochuko muttered she untied the scarf from her neck and reached out to blind fold him "do you like to play?" ochuko smiled once in a while in this game of theirs you meet a lioness and he was convinced he had just brought home a very experienced lioness "oh i like to play girl, i like to play." five minutes later with two glasses of vodka and a bucket of ice Lilian stared at her catch as he reacted to the coldness of the ice cube as she slid it slowly between his lips "before we start i think i should remind you again, my name is Lilian not girl" that was three years ago. Lilian and Ochuko had been together ever since.

Lilian realized that being with a powerful man was more intoxicating than just having cash in the bank, on ochuko's arm she had appeared on the front cover of several magazine's, red carpet events, she mixed with the creme de la creme, gone were the days of hustling from one agent to the other to get a modeling job, fashion designers begged her to wear their pieces for free, she had traveled round Europe, America, she was a celebrity. she worked not because she needed to because Ochuko took care of her every need, she worked because it was important to keep her name out there, the hottest couple in Lagos, marrying Ochuko was her ultimate prize, she needed him to commit to her, to make it legal but that was proving difficult, he had not introduced her to his dad in all their three years of dating and insisted that they should not live together for now, he paid for a two bedroom serviced flat for her in maryland and persuaded her to relax, marriage would come when business had been dealt with, but there was always another merger to chair, another project, she didn't mind waiting so much if it weren't for the rumors, the other women, she knew her looks were not going to last forever she needed some kind of security and marriage would be perfect.

going through the security at his apartment was not a problem she was well known here, she rang the doorbell with her heart in her mouth, staring at the paper she held in her hands she prayed this was just a big misunderstanding, Ochuko would not do this to her. Ochuko swung open the door wearing a large smile "hey angel why didn't you tell me you were coming" he stood there with only a pair of jeans on looking like a sexy a little boy who just saw his favorite toy. Lilian barged into the apartment she would not be side lined by his charms, "what the hell is this!" she screamed flinging the paper at him and looking round ." where is she ochuko, where have you been hiding her" she stormed into his bedroom flinging his wardrobe open and rummaging through his clothes, ochuko picked up the paper and read the headlines, "ah i see, so this is what this is all about" he muttered, "millionaire magnate marries bank executives daughter" he read out loud, laughing as he made his way to the bar "i was just about to pour myself a drink do you want some" he called out. "lilian was furious "how dare you trivialize this issue ?" she screamed coming into the sitting room to meet him pouring himself a glass of whiskey "how dare you.." "enough lilian!" ochuko shouted his brown eyes turning cold, lilian was devastated "so it's true, you married that bitch after three years"lilian felt all the energy drained from her body and fell to the ground. Ochuko shrugged, his features going back to its calm non chalant way as he stirred his drink and gulped. "what were you expecting ilian, there was no way my family would ever allow me marry you, adaobi's father is a reliable business partner, the marriage was purposeful for both families." "purposeful?" Lilian repeated tears beginning to run down her face " what about me?" "what about you Lilian, what do you want me to say that i am sorry, listen we have had a great time, i bought you two cars, gave you money, prestige, an apartment one would say i have been generous to you considering" "considering..??" Lilian queried her voice beginning to rise, suddenly ochuko changed, gone were the boyish smiles his eyes hardened and he stared coldly at her as he walked towards her "considering that you are a prostitute, what did you think was going to happen, did you ever think i was going to marry you considering your past, we had a great time and i made you comfortable,you can keep the cars and the apartment, the church wedding is in a months time, the sex was mind blowing lilian but you and i come from different worlds and our time is up, don't make this a difficult situation." Lilian felt her heart break, she suddenly could not breathe. 3 years she had dedicated to this man, allowing him to do whatever he wanted to do with her and all he saw was a prostitute, the drive home was like a trance, walking up to her flat she could barely see, her life was over. she ignored her neighbor as she walked past her she needed relief from this unbearable pain, she opened her door and didn't bother shutting it, she went to her bathroom mirror and stared at herself, her eyes were sunken from crying too much, she opened her wardrobe and saw the pills, they had been prescribed by her doctor when she had horrible menstrual cramps and couldn't sleep, she remembered the doctor telling her to take only one a day as the drugs were very powerful she threw about a dozen in her mouth and swallowed it, her life was over, she had no idea how she could continue without Ochuko, he was all she had known for three years and the shame, all the gossip magazines what they would be saying it was too much for her, she was beginning to feel drowsy as she felt the drugs effect beginning to hit her, that was when she saw the scissors just laying there as if inviting her, all her life men had treated her worthlessly, perhaps that was all she was a mistake, she reached out for the scissors and tore her clothes off, she couldn't see clearly anymore , perhaps she needs to end this, she pulled out her hand and tried to look at herself in the mirror everything was blurry now, slowly she raised the scissors and slashed her wrist after the blinding pain all she felt was peace. she was finally free now, Lilian smiled as she slumped to the ground, hitting her head on the sink.


  1. spellbinding. it's a shame it's so short.i want more.let me know when you upload something new

  2. Thank you so much james, check back next week, this story is supposed to be weekly but I can be so lazy sometimes. I can't wait for u to meet the other characters


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