The Tale of Four Women (Olajumoke's story contd)

Olajumoke's affair with Rashida ended as briefly as it had started, one saturday evening she came back late from work to find rashida's things gone and a note from her stating that she was heading to France because Lagos had become boring for her, Jumoke was not hurt, truth be told she knew that what she and rashida shared was simply borne out of loneliness, they were complete opposites, whilst she poured herself into her work rashida partied all day and night most times with her cash, she began to prepare for the inevitable when Rashida started bringing ladies home with her "let's have a threesome" she had suggested one night , jumoke did not even bother to look up from her laptop as she continued reading the report she had to place before her father the next day, "did you say something?" jumoke asked nonchalantly. "yes i said lets have a threesome, it would be fun . i am getting bored." jumoke rolled her eyes, they had had this conversation before, rashida was like a little child, all she ever thought about was sex and partying . " that's never going to happen dear, it's not my cup of tea." " it's not your cup of tea!" rashida queried, "before i met you ,life was not your cup of tea, you did nothing but eat and work , now that i ask for something little in return, something to make me happy." jumoke was fed up " rashida i am getting tired of this, you wanted a power bike to make you happy so i bought you one, you wanted to travel to south Africa with two of your friends for some zulu festival to make you happy i paid your bills, you wanted a huge birthday party in yola for your birthday i threw it for you i am beginning to think this relationship is just about making you happy.i am not having a threesome with you and some stranger, i am not filming any love sessions nothing, i happen to be a reputable business woman i wont risk my reputation over making you happy." jumoke ranted, when she was through Rashida cocked her head to one side looking at her in that unusual fashion of hers, but jumoke was not even bothered. she ignored her and continued to work on her laptop only looking up when she heard rashida bang the door to her room. one week later she had gotten the note, Jumoke shrugged and moved on with her life. she had avoided all kinds of relationships since then.

If Jumoke had learnt anything from the whole Rashida situation it was never to allow herself become so despondent that another human being would take advantage of her, she began to work less and rest more, taking vacations to just travel and feed her eyes, unfortunately that meant she got further acquainted with her first love food, she began to come home early from work and sample through slimming products, she would drink a cup of slimming tea in the morning and feel justified enough to snack on three chocolate bars as a result, just when she thought she was getting fed up with the monotony of her every day life her agent informed her that he had leased the apartment next to hers to a Nigerian celebrity,Lilian Phillips high fashion model and girlfriend to oil tycoon Ochuko Douglas , Jumoke was ecstatic at least another nigerian, a female for that matter was moving in next door , her fathers apartment building was popularly leased out to expatriates who didn't spend more than two years in the place. maybe she would be able to make a much needed friend finally.

she remembered the first day she saw Lilian Philips, she had received the call that her neighbour had finally arrived from her agent, being that the apartment building was her father's she was obligated to introduce herself and welcome the new tenants,she had knocked on the door and a tall good looking dark complexioned man had opened it, he didn't even ask who she was he just looked her over in a demeaning manner and raised his eyebrows, "sorry to intrude i am olajumoke Benson , chief Benson's daughter i just came to welcome the new tenant to the building "she explained "ah yes sam the agent told us you were next door " the man replied smiling and opening the door wider for her to come in "i must confess you are not what i expected i know your sisters you must take after your father " he continued looking her over with amusement in his eyes, Jumoke felt humiliated, she knew exactly what he meant dressed in her large T shirt and baggy jeans was nothing like her model thin sisters who were always impeccably dressed "brute" she whispered underneath her fake smile , suddenly Lillian walked in and jumoke almost stopped in her tracks,she was dressed in cut off shorts and a long t shirt which she had tied around her slim waist, her hair was pulled back into a bun revealing her strikingly beautiful features , even with no make up on she still looked breath taking, her long legs were spotless and her complexion was like dark smooth chocolate "hi neighbour" lillian had said warmly giving her a warm hug , jumoke had felt tingles all over. after exchanging a few pleasantries jumoke was left the apartment feeling as if she had just received the best present in the world.

she had never seen such a beautiful dark skinned woman in her life and had never felt so envious . "such a sweet beautiful young girl to be in a relationship with that snobbish brute" she thought aloud to herself , jumoke had become enthralled with her next door neighbour, she began to buy any magazine she saw with Lillian on the front page and began reading up about her . soon jumoke's boredom turned to anticipation, she would rush to her door anytime her neighbours door opened and peep through her peep hole to catch a glance of the beauty, soon she began to calculate when lillian would come back from her daily visit to the gym and walk out of her apartment at that instant so as to talk to her, she daydreamed that one day Lillian would invite her into her place and they would become close, if Lilian felt she was being stalked she never showed it, she was always so polite and sweet to jumoke, complimenting her on her latest hair style or outfit and chating briefly with her about things to do for the weekend before going into her apartment, her demeanor only changed when she was with that boy friend of hers, when they were together lillian would only smile at her and rush past while ochuko would barely even glance at her, it was if the poor guy was afraid of the guy or something.

Today was no exception immediately she heard lilians heels climbing the stair case she cleaned the chocolate smear out of her mouth adjusted her kaftan and stepped out of her apartment, "Lilian dear that red dress looks hot" jumoke complimented but lilian just rushed past her not even uttering a word, Jumoke felt as if the wind had been sucked from her, she just stood there shocked for some seconds and walked away angrily, she felt hurt ," all she could have said was hi, even if she was in a hurry" she climbed into her X5 jeep and drove angrily to park and shop, 45 mins later panting loudly as she climbed the last staircase she stood by the wall to catch her breath, she made a mental note to call the building's agent to get someone to fix the elevator , she and staircases where not the best of friends, she paused as she looked over at lilian's door which was wide open. "strange" she muttered to herself, it was unlike Lilian or anybody in this place to leave their doors wide open, true they had excellent private security on the premises but she had never seen Lilian leave her door open, she walked slowly to the door out of curiosity, " lilian " she called out, " are you there" she peered in and saw lilians hand bag and shoes right by the door way, her eyes scanned the apartment and she saw nothing out of the ordinary. "lillian your door is open o" she called out but still no response, she quietly walked in and was impressed with how neat the apartment was, she made a mental note to clean her apartment when she got in today " lillian!!" she stopped suddenly when she saw water on the floor, her heart racing she began to follow the noise of running water, " perhaps she slept off in the bath tub" she mummured now getting anxious, she opened the bathroom door and saw water gushing out into the passage as she stepped into the bathroom she screamed and saw why no one had answered her when she called, lying on the floor with blood dripping from her wrist was Lilian's lifeless body, the last thing she remembered was cold ice water hitting her face as she collapsed on the floor.