A TALE OF FOUR WOMEN (The three Legged Horsemen)

For some seconds all Lilian could see was a bright light, she tried to open her eyelids but they seemed to be made of lead, she tried to think but her brain was still so fuzzy, suddenly she began to hear noises, at first the noises seemed distant and indistinct she couldn't make out the sounds, she tried opening her eyes again but the bright light hit her again so she closed it immediately, she began to wonder if she was in heaven or hell, the thought of being in the after life made her panic, she knew that with all the bad stuff she had done in her life there was only one place she was headed, she suddenly began to struggle with her fatigue, if she was going to be led to a lake of fire she was going to see her destination before she was dragged there.

Esther was preoccupied as she walked into the private ward of the hospital on the last floor, The reporter had not seemed impressed when she informed her that it was her boss that was paying for Lillian Phillips hospital bills, she was upset when she remembered all she had gone through to get that information out, the lady had not even thanked her or at least assured her that she would keep her secret safe, she almost dropped the tray she was holding when she got to the foot of the bed and saw Lillian Phillips eyes wide open for a second and then blink shut,she quickly dropped the tray and checked her pulse.it was definitely stronger , she pulled back the covers and scratched the sole of her foot and she saw it twitch, she quickly rushed out to call the Doctor,this patient was on her way back to the real world.

Ndidi crossed her legs for the umpteenth time as she glared back at the nasty stares coming her way, she was used to walking into enemy territory so sitting at the reception in Oghenochuko Douglas's office as she waited to be buzzed in, she did not mind that everyone that passed looked at her like she was some kind of evil incarnate of Delilah, her motto was if her story got into you that deep then she surely must have been telling the truth, "He is ready to see you now Miss Akiwu" Ochuko's secretary informed her curtly, she stood up and adjusted the short gown she wore smartly before gliding into the office, she heard the hisses and mutterings as she closed the door behind her. Ochuko sat up straight as Ndidi walked into his office , he had been surprised when his secretary had informed him that Ndidi Akiwu from Flash Newspapers was here to talk to him, his first instinct was to throw her out in anger but after a while he decided to hear what the rat had to say, he never expected the rat to look this smoking hot, clad in a short grey dress paired with a red belt and a pair of red pumps, his heart beat suddenly shot up faster those legs, they seemed to go on forever. Ndidi's trained eyes noticed the change in his eyes as she had walked through that door, she purposely dressed sexy for this interview ,just because she was a professional journalist did not mean she was averse to using her good looks when it was necessary. "Mr Douglas it was nice of you to see me at such short notice, i know you are a busy man." "the pleasure is all mine miss Akiwu besides i was afraid you would print something about me being an alien or something if i did not let you in." Ochuko replied smoothly standing up to give her a warm hand shake "touche Mr Douglas contrary to what you may believe i only write stories that are true" Ochuko smiled at that response and pointed for her to sit down. Ndidi sat and crossed her legs, apparently all she had heard about Ochuko Douglas was true he was a chronic womanizer he had not taken his eyes off her legs since she walked into his office ,if she played that card well she would be able to get information from him without him even knowing.

"let's get straight to the point, my readers want to know about your girlfriend Miss Phillips what are the circumstances of her health right now?" Ochuko was thrown aback by her directness, he leaned back for a while and just watched her, she stared back unflinchingly with a note pad and pen in her hands "what is your angle miss Akiwu" Ochuko responded after a while " you surely did not come all the way here for that" Ndidi smiled at least this one was not stupid.she put he note pad and pen back in her bag "first of all you can call me Ndidi, secondly we can cut to the chase you can tell me everything off the record what is the deal with Miss Phillips, did you guys have a fight or is she mentally unstable ..."she purposely let her voice trail off indirectly letting him know she was interested in all the details he could provide on Lilian Phillips ,"I will tell you straight up, she is perfectly ok mentally, she just went through a rough patch and hopefully she will come out of it, i mean our relationship..or our past relationship was not perfect but she really is a great person so please don't paint her as an unstable person" Ochuko answered almost getting out of his seat Ndidi hid her smile , it was obvious he still cared about her, "what about her family any history of mental issues?" "none that i am aware of, she never talked about her family but i don't think so." "so you think the suicide was an accident?" "look i don't know , i was not there but Lilian is not one to end her life just like that maybe she drank too much." "so you are saying the fact that you got married without telling her was not a factor in her opting to take her life." Ndidi retorted, "maybe she would have lived with that fact if she was not made to look like a fool in public thanks to the article you wrote" Ochuko responded angrily, Ndidi smiled she was not here to argue, it was obvious He still cared about her , as far as she could see there was no foul play involved, she was about to beat a hasty retreat when she noticed a statue on the table, it appeared to be a wooden sculpture of golden haired horse standing on three legs. "That's an interesting statue did you get it from one of your trips" Ochuko quickly picked it up and put in his drawer "it's nothing just a gift" it might have been the way fear revealed itself in his eyes suddenly, or the way he threw that sculpture hastily into his drawer but Ndidi was suddenly certain there was more to this. "if that is all Miss Akiwu i have work to do." she got the hint and stood up to leave "good day Mr Douglas" Ochuko did not even watch her hips as she walked away as he would normally have done when an attractive woman was walking away from him, he was just angry with himself that he had let her see the symbol, he almost jumped out of his seat when his phone rang immediately his office door closed, he knew it was Ben even without looking at it. "What did the reporter want?" a deep voice asked on the other end of the line, "she wanted to know about her..the erm suicide." "listen it's time for a meet, come to the usual place at 9.30, don't make me wait." with that the line went dead, Ochuko was suddenly very apprehensive, Ben being angry was very bad ,very very bad.

Jumoke walked into the private ward to meet the doctor and that funny Nurse standing over Lillian's bed and for a minute her heart skipped fearing the worst, "Ah Miss Philips your neighbor is here" Dr Omisakin announced smiling, "Oh my God Lillian !" Jumoke exclaimed almost crying as she approached the bed where Lilian lay with her eyes wide open, Lilian gave a weak smile who would have thought that the first familiar face she would see would be her overweight cheerful neighbor. "I heard you have been coming to check up on me i cant thank you enough" "don't talk reserve your energy, you have been through a lot." Jumoke responded, "God has been faithful in her life we have been praying for her to come back to us, her work on earth was not complete." Esther responded quietly, Jumoke stiffened in anger turning to look for Dr Omisakin to report this obnoxious nurse of his to him but the Quiet Doctor had sneaked out. "who would have thought after everything i did to myself God would give me a second chance" Lilian whispered, "and of course lets not forget the excellent medical care being offered at this hospital." Jumoke added giving Esther the evil eye "Jumoke i cant thank you enough for paying my bills i am sure it would be costing you a fortune." Lillian continued softly ,Jumoke looked at Esther the nurse in surprise but Esther looked away, "what was Lilian talking about she was not paying her bills" she always thought that useless Ex boyfriend of hers was paying for the bills but thinking of it now she began to wonder . "it's fine Lilian just get your rest so you can get back to your feet" Esther checked her temperature , covered her with the bed sheets and stepped out with the tray she was not surprised when she heard Jumoke's footsteps not too far behind. "come madam what's going on here?" "what do you mean?" "why did you tell her i was paying for her hospital bills?" "i did not tell her ma, she just asked if Mr Ochuko Douglas had been here to see her since she arrived and when we told her no, she just assumed that you were paying for her bills " "why would she assume that, is Ochuko not paying her bills?" Esther shook her head slowly, "is her family paying her bills?" Esther shook her head again slowly "then who is, Santa Klaus?" Esther quickly looked round, when she was sure no one was watching she slipped a complimentary card into Jumoke's hands "you should call this reporter madam she has some information to share with you." with that Esther walked off, Jumoke was stunned, thinking to herself " what on earth was going on here?"

Ndidi called Abass for the sixth time that day, his phone had been switched off all day. "come where have you been? been calling you since 2.00 p.m" "sorry boss i had an emergency..""what do you know about a horse symbol ?" she asked curtly cutting him off. "what did you say?" "a horse, a horse with three legs does that sound familiar?" Ndidi repeated angrily she wanted to be done with this conversation before Fredrick was out of the shower, she did not want him to know the kind of prying she did in people's lives "the three legged horsemen?" Abbas repeated quietly, "might be? what do you know about that?" "Boss you need to drop this story, those people are dangerous?" "what people Abbas you do remember who you are talking to?" Abbas was quiet for a while before he responded, "the three legged horsemen ..all we hear is rumors nobody knows anything about them for sure, its like some kind of cult some say it's a drug cartel, some say it's just a club for big boys but one thing is for sure, if nobody knows anything about a group apart from the fact that they exist it's either they do not exist or.." "or what?" Ndidi queried apprehensively, "or anybody who ever found out about them was silenced, you should drop this story." with that Abbas cut the line, she knew the meaning of that, he could no longer be involved in this case, Three legged horsemen Myth or Fact Ndidi knew she had finally made the connecting dots this was what she was supposed to find she was so excited she burst into the bathroom to take a pee ignoring Fredrick in the bath tub, she could almost smell the headlines she would make with this story..This was where she wanted to go all along.


  1. I just read the entire series so far and absolutely LOVED it! When does it continue?

  2. hopefully before the end of this week i should continue..its been a rough couple of weeks, time is not my friend.


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