A Tale of Four Women.

Lilian stared aimlessly as the driver drove past the streets of Lagos into Victoria island, she felt a thundering ache in the pit of her belly , her eyes were watery and she bit her lip not to shed tears, she could not believe that ochuko would do this to her, she was dressed in a short animal print gown with red killer heels, she was a woman on a mission.

You see Lilian's story was a peculiar one, she was a 24 year old graduate who thought she had hit the jackpot when she started dating an oil tycoon, being the 5th child in a family of 7 kids she was accustomed to struggling all her life, at the age of 13 her good looks had caused her unimaginable pain as she had been gang raped by two of her cousins, after the terrible ordeal she had rushed painfully into the arms of her mothers bosom , she could never forget the look in her fathers eyes when her mum narrated what had happened to her to him, he looked at her with utmost disgust and spat out in his drunken state "why would you do this to us eh??" she stared disbelievingly as her father continued to rain insults on her, "why did you wear shorts into a boy's room?? did you not know you were inviting trouble?" he continued, "i told you this girl will put us in trouble, you wear short things and parade yourself like a cheap prostitute what do you expect?" "look okorie has promised to get me a supervisor's job at the construction site this month so what do you want me to do?, accuse his boys of rape."her father continued, she was speechless, her mum stood transfixed in shock, after her father was through raining insults her mother took her calmly away washed her up and gave her pills to drink, that was her first brush with real life. all the innocence died with her that day, she felt nothing when she walked by the streets and her cousins openly winked at her, she felt nothing at age 14 when her maths teacher groped her after classes , pushed his tobacco stained tongue down her throat and raped her continually for 3 months, she felt nothing at age 15 when her father called her in to tell her a 30 year old clerk from Port harcourt has indicated he wanted to
marry her, there was no talk of her education, the deal was done. she stared up on the ceiling of their cramped two bedroom apartment and thought to herself "perhaps it's all for the best" maybe marriage and kids was the answer for her.

Two weeks to her wedding she met Nosa and her life changed, she had been coming back from the tailor's place when this cream colored 504 literally cut her off on the road, a tall dark complexioned young man rushed out of the drivers seat and accosted her "what is your problem do you want to kill me??" she screamed.
"look i am sorry i just could not help myself,the man explained " i have been watching you walk down the street and you have great talent" lilian rolled her eyes and kept on walking muttering curses under her breath, "look i am an agent i meant modelling talent here is my card , i just want to talk to you," " modelling" she thought to herself, she was 5ft 11 inches and all her life she had always heard she had model features but that had seemed like a fairytale, she never believed it would ever come to anything , she turned and walked back to him and things had never remained the same for her again, she left and followed Nosa to Lagos the next day without telling anybody,nosa was the one who taught her the other side of sex,she had no idea that the body had so many sensual points, she became intrigued with sex and the pleasures it could give, all her life she had been told she would accomplish nothing now at least she had found some kind of talent. with modeling she began to meet people, she began to understand not to hate her sensuality but to embrace it, she became obsessed with the art of love making, she read books, watched porn, in her mind she felt she had been given a beautiful body for one thing alone to use it to the best of her ability, she began to exercise and learnt all about dressing up,with Nosa as her teacher she learnt the power of attracting the right people to her through dressing, speech and demeanor, she discovered that if she kept a man satisfied in bed he would become ultimately hers forever , she knew nothing else but this and in her heart she made up her mind to learn the best way to attract and keep a man that she felt was her true calling in life, soon she got bored with Nosa and began to pick her way up the social ladder through having sexual dalliances with rich powerful men in Lagos.

She met Ochuko douglas in her third year in college during a large corporations end of the year party, she had been contracted to supply beautiful ladies to serve as hostesses for the party, she knew they were going to be a lot of cameras and rich men at this party so she had dressed to kill, wearing a cream colored short one sleeved gown, with gold colored slippers which matched the pair of gold loops earrings that framed her pretty face she could swear that all eyes turned to her when she walked into the party hall with two of her girls in tow, her ebony colored skin was well oiled to perfection and her long weave was swept neatly to one side of her face falling down the other side of her dress revealing well toned arms, she scanned the room perfunctorily and her gaze settled to a tall light complexioned man in a black dapper suit surrounded by white foreigners, in her line of business the black man whom white men flocked to was definitely the king of cards and she was right, he was Oghenochuko Douglas CEO of a large Oil servicing company and first son of chief Onaife Douglas the owner of the largest glass manufacturing company in Nigeria. Lilian had hit the jackpot....

...To be continued next week.


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