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Bringing your relationships into Social Media.

Social Media is arguable one of the best tools for Millennial’ s     of today… if   you don’t know who a millennial is then I probably don’t know how to start with you. I don’t know how it started for you guys but for me it started with the old ones. Hi5, Black Planet, and all those pen pal sites, I was excited at the thought of meeting people from different parts of the world outside my immediate environment, it was exhilarating. I was obsessed with the internet, I would be at the cyber cafĂ© at odd hours doing nothing but chatting, catching up with celebrity gossip, sending mails (wait I still do that don’t i?) but when Facebook came that was the turning point.   I suddenly reconnected with all my friends who abandoned me and went to the States and different parts of the world to school , if we bought new outfits we would post it, when we went out we would post it…snap…snap…snap Social media became a vanity propellant. I just loved getting those comments on Facebo

Man disguises as maid for Eight months to steal from Boss.