Looters of Public Funds to face the music very soon.

Everyone who knows the current president of Nigeria knows that he hates corrupt officials.
His critics and supporters alike realize that he gos after corrupt people, that is what he does best, but after resuming office things have been a bit slow in that direction , possibly because the President had a myriad of problems he inherited from his predecessor and the Nigerian Economy needed immediate attention.

Alas close the borders, seize their passports , things are now in motion to get to the next order of business, President Muhammadu Buhari, has revealed that Nigerians who have stolen from the nation’s coffers, will go on trial, in a matter of weeks.

He said this on Tuesday, at a meeting with members of the National Peace Committee led by Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar in the Presidential Villa.
He told the Peace Committee that the Federal Government will ask for the return of stolen funds that have been stashed in foreign banks and also make sure that the culprits will be put on trial in Nigeria.

The President stated that his administration was carefully gathering facts and figures pertaining to the nation’s stolen funds, before proceeding with prosecution.
Presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina, released a statement to this effect, after the meeting.

“Nigeria has to break this vicious cycle before we can make progress. We have really degenerated as a country. Our national institutions, including the military, which did wonderfully on foreign missions in the past, have been compromised.
“But we are doing something about it. The military is now retraining and morale has been resuscitated.
“As Petroleum Minister under Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo in the 1970s, I could not travel abroad until I had taken a memo to the Federal Executive Council asking for estacode. Now, everybody does what he wants.
“That is why security-wise and economically, we’re in trouble.”

Speaking further, he added that those who have stolen the national wealth “will be in court in a matter of weeks and Nigerians will know those who have short-changed them.”

Its times like this that i wish i could pick up my wig and gown just for this period, Lawyers are about to make a killing .........ok.