Man disguises as maid for Eight months to steal from Boss.

Wow and the menace of domestic helps continues, these days, in this economy  its very common to see both parents working to maintain the family , The business of hiring domestic helps has increased .

Desperate families bring in strangers from all over the country and even from neighboring countries to watch their kids whilst they are  away, unfortunately some unscrupulous elements are using this opportunity to take advantage of these families.

We have not even recovered from the Nanny Orekoya kidnapping case now a new trend has emerged. men disguising as women to have access to the families, so they can steal from them , worse they could even sexually assault the children.

This young man pictured above disguised himself as a woman to live with a family for eight months so he could steal from them. It’s really sad.

People should be very careful these fraudsters keep devising new methods. What’s next? Maybe full body check before you hire one…on a serious note some people always take their domestic helps for medical check up before they resume in their house. Let’s all be vigilant abeg .