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Freestyling (Response to a jab)

Going thru it again
This is my number 1


So now Imma have to jump into this fake steez

Nigger is trying to trespass on my fly biz

Claiming you schooled me in rap

Like its another feather in your cap

Look don’t let my woman curves fool ya

Been holding rhymes down since before I knew ya

Recognize been the first lady in a male clique since I was 5

And yeah back then I still was making dudes take 5

So what u passed a lil weak lines through my side

Thought they were weak but didn’t wanna throw shade to a homie sitting by my side

Got real rappers like MI and jagz on my BBM contact list

Now u wanna hate me cos u found out u are on delete list?

Nigga I got body guards you cant even begin to count

A phone call and we’d be turning this whole area into a body count

Yeah I’m spiritual but I’ve never been known to back down

You come for my throat I will cut you the hell down

D only lessons u gave were d ones on my dirt book

Still cant find it cos of all my cheque books

You got a problem …


hey guys,

so finally i decided to get my on blog..its been taking me a while to make up my mind but i felt like the creative energy in me would burst if i dont do something ,so yeah here we are.
the journey of self discovery is a personal, long and sometimes futile one(hey some people never discover themselves) and mine has been filled with ups and downs.

I have learnt so many truths along the way like a little girl just developing breasts should never go into a fight with a boy because he will always have the upper hand and also that you should never show your mum the loveletters from a boy in grade school because he might get suspended and you will never get the chance to tell him you also liked him(in my case i got a punch on my lips as my reward)

You actually learn the hard truths that books,movies and the internet do not prepare you for by your your loved ones will die and it will hurt like hell and people you trust will dissapoint you and money always has the habi…