hey guys,

so finally i decided to get my on blog..its been taking me a while to make up my mind but i felt like the creative energy in me would burst if i dont do something ,so yeah here we are.
the journey of self discovery is a personal, long and sometimes futile one(hey some people never discover themselves) and mine has been filled with ups and downs.

I have learnt so many truths along the way like a little girl just developing breasts should never go into a fight with a boy because he will always have the upper hand and also that you should never show your mum the loveletters from a boy in grade school because he might get suspended and you will never get the chance to tell him you also liked him(in my case i got a punch on my lips as my reward)

You actually learn the hard truths that books,movies and the internet do not prepare you for by your your loved ones will die and it will hurt like hell and people you trust will dissapoint you and money always has the habit of never being enough no matter how much that raise seems to be..but to be content in Life is a state of mind,looking inwards and appreciating the blessings that have come your way and realizing that you cant win em all...but that shouldn,t stop you from trying.

so my journey so far has been with mixed blessings, every stage in my life leaving its indelible mark in my life, i will always be that little tomboy kid, i will always be that adventurous child that ran off from home cos i wanted attention, i will always be that teenager that never seems comfortable with the public spotlight,i will always be that young lady that cant wait to fall in love with the right guy but wont let the wrong ones near my heart, i will always be that woman that wont back down in the corporate world cos people think a man would have done the job better, i will always be that friend that will break my back for the few people i would accept as friends and i will always be that scholar who believes i should always keep myself updated with everything going on in the world and finally i will always be that person that recognises that i cannot have it all but if i press long enough i just might have enough to satisfy me for the moment.

This is me so far i cannot wait to discover what else this short life has to teach me, with God's help the lessons wont be so painful.

that is all folks


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