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The Descendant's Tale VIII

© His doorbell woke him up, he had fallen asleep holding a bible in his hands, waiting for Odibo to call he had lost consciousness, he looked at the time it was 1.00 a.m . the bell chimed again  “who is that?” he asked  “its me odibo” he was relieved, he flung the door open  “guy I have been waiting for you” but the man standing in front of him was not his best friend anymore, he saw a crazy looking man with red eyes and torn clothes at his door step before he could ask odibo if he was ok he found himself being punched in the face.  “you dirty sneaking bastard.” Nnamdi fell flat on his arm chair  “Odibo what?..” but he was not allowed to finish as Odibo hit him with another one straight in the ribs, doubling up in pain he staggered to the side missing another punch.  “you raped her didn’t you?? You just couldn’t control yourself.”  “raped who Lolita ?, I swear I didn’t touch her”  Odibo picked up his glass table and swung at him missing by inches, i

Guinness Made of Black Campaign honors Sweeper with no Arms.

There are stories you hear that can melt even the hardest of hearts. Guinness largely popular campaign #Madeofblack which set out to focus on the real made of black heroes in all walks of life across Nigeria, honored a street sweeper Adekunle Adebisi. The Guinness Made of Black team on September 8, 2015 paid a visit to Adekunle in Ilupeju  in the city of Lagos, recognizing him as one of its  #madeofblack heroes. The surprise visit by the #madeofblack team was to appreciate him for his  consistency, hard work and dedication. Adekunle Adebisi , a young handicapped man who sweeps the pedestrian bridge at Town Planning Anthony in Lagos. He   lost his hands a long time ago and was nominated by a daily commuter, Henry. Henry says Adekunle’s dedication to the job was inspiring and he admired him very much. Nominating Adekunle, Henry says, was a way of cheering the zeal his (Adekunle) job, regardless of the circumstances. Henry says Adekunle is his hero. 

The Descendant's Tale VII

© “ND I found it! I found it!” An excited voice beamed through Nnamdi's phone as soon as he picked it, Nnamdi had been in a business meeting when his phone rang, irritated he was about to turn it off when he saw it was his best friend Odibo whom he had not heard from for one whole week. ”Thank God , Thank God!” Nnamdi shrieked , jumping all over the place,  “Where have you been, I have been so worried?”  “look I am coming home tomorrow, come and pick me up from the Air port, and I have great news..guy I am in love, I have met the woman of my dreams “ and with that Nnamdi’s heart sank.  It was too late, he had a feeling she had found him and knew exactly who this woman would be. Nnamdi prepared himself as he waited for his friend to arrive at the airport, all night he had not slept, he had no idea what to do, he looked at his watch impatiently suddenly he saw them, Odibo seemed to be grinning from ear to ear he had never seen his friend this excited ever, looking at