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NAFDAC Shuts Down Chocolat Royal, Cool, Wazobia FM Chairman On The Run

National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) Tuesday night, sealed completely the business outlet of a popular elite and confectionary company, Chocolat Royal has emerged, The City Reporters can exclusively report. Apart from the importation, storage and use of fake, unregistered and expired/unwholesome food products to produce consumables for customers, we can authoritatively report that Chocolat Royal was sealed by NAFDAC on discovery of six illegal 40ft cold rooms fully stocked with contaminated food products built on top of sewages (suck away pit) and in front of toilets. Not only that majority of these food products discovered, have expired since 2004, (11- years ago) and the least 2013, the most worrisome aspect of it all was the discovery to the consternation of NAFDAC officials that the management of Chocolat Royal had revalidated the expiring dates of almost all the food products, while 90 % of them were not even written in English

Beyonce kills it in Ankara Wrapper

World Superstar Beyonce posted a killer look on her Instagram last weekend. The singer renowned for repping her African heritage showed the world that sometimes less is more. With understated make up and a simple white Tank top and Ankara Wrapper she posed it up in Italy. Jay Z is a lucky man. Virgos rule........... What do you think of her look above?


James ran as he heard the screaming crowd coming for him, right into the dirty bush he ran, previous days he would watch his steps to avoid stepping into human and animal feces today there was no such luxury. The sharp cuts as the Tree branches cut him, yet he felt no pain, Fear pulsated through his blood stream propelling his legs to move at an alarming speed. The wind whispered as he felt it’s touch, he felt the hot air wafting through his nose. Their chants roared in his ears, their aggressive voices rising in unison , his senses unconsciously calculating their distance they were closing in on him and fast. Four hours ago as he stepped out of his flat he shared with his two friends from his home country he had no idea he would be fleeing for his dear life, Five years ago he had come to this country equipped with nothing but his back pack filled with scanty clothing. His family had sold two goats , pulling resources together to buy his ticket, this was the Land of Oppo

Frustrated Bank Staff pens mail to Top Management On How Bad They Treat Junior Staff

Some Contract Staff in Financial institutions and other organizations in this country are not treated with the respect they deserve. someone posted this mail sent by a UBA staff to the management, crying out for equal or at least better treatment. The piece is a sad one but with the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria there are thousands that will jump at this jobs flaws and all rather than remain jobless. The mail below his grammatical errors and all.

Throwback Picture of our Nigerian women in the 20"s

Ever wondered how our great grandmothers styled their hair in the late 20"s well worry no more. They used a mix of red clay and heavy coconut oil to whip their natural hair into place, they eventually removed the clay leaving the hair in shapes. Thank God for modern day hair products because honestly Lice would have had a field day back then. see this pic from 1922 below.

Drama as Leaked Recorded Conversation Exposes John Fashanu

Some shocking confessions are as follows: FRIEND :.....I also read that she is a lesbian and am like no! no!, who wrote that no, but Uncle Fash you shouldn't have, I mean your old, I mean you are matured man, you shouldn't write, I mean! no! No! FASH : Everybody wants to be in the media, and I will write rubbish, you wanna fight Ok, that's fine...I will fight. FRIEND : But atleast everyone knows Abigail is not a lesbian, Fash, can you just counter all those things, please I beg you in God's name. FASH: .....yeah ask her to counter her things first, that's the thing you should be doing, please. FRIEND : I also heard she was married three times, I said no! FASH: That was a misquote FRIEND : I think its maybe a misquote and that she is 53years old. WOW! I said, she should be 49 or so. FASH : 53? No! that is a horrible thing because the papers are on my side, they are my people, they add 3 digits ...they will always say more because they are my


 A naughty poem i wrote ten years ago. © I loosen my tie as if to unwind I feel the sweat, dripping making me wet I pace to and fro so as not to show This undeniable physical reaction to nature's call. I'm thrown back like Adam before the fall Lost in a trance to Eve's blinding Lull.

The secrets to staying creative in your workplace

This Article culled from CNN caught my eye this morning, let's stay creative this Monday morning. Here  are some of the tips they suggest for unleashing your creative potential -- both at home and at work. Expand your horizons... literally Spaciousness helps broaden thoughts. Even high ceilings have been shown to broaden attention. Small, windowless offices, low ceilings and narrow corridors will do little to inspire our brains and make us flexible, creative thinkers. Color is key Relaxing outdoor colors such as blue and green contribute to this state. "Emergency" colors such as red suppress it. Surprisingly, dark colors and dim lighting can also be beneficial: by obscuring visual details, they help people think more abstractly. Get moving Static surroundings encourage static thinking. Don't be predictable. You should sometimes change everyday routines, such as where you go for coffee or your route to

History Bits........The Black Death

So if i read this piece very well, the black death that killed about 100,000,000 people was caused by superstition leading to the killing of cats which led to the infestation of rats, who carried fleas and infested humans because they were dirty, and finally they were no anti biotics to cure an infected person. I love my cat that's all i will add.


Now Mariah fans have been all sorts of excited for Mariah Carey's Vegas shows, she is literally a living legend and has one one of the best voices in the industry. but this review below is really hard to even complete, they ripped her Vegas shows to threads , extracts of the review includes lines like "You watch the crash because you want to see how it will end: near miss or carnage, relief or horror, laughter or tears."  They accuse her of lip synching and being on the decline. This fan video footage of the concert might change your mind about the review but it's still hard to even imagine Mariah and her team reading this....harsh much.


So i wrote this piece about 5 or more years ago when the Niger delta militancy was at its height, i found it somewhere in my archive and decided to share it. What has changed? let's see Militants have stopped blowing up our oil fields, The US Economy is experiencing a consistent boom ,Oil prices are at a ridiculous low price, FDI has reduced, and the kidnappings are almost non existent. what has not changed ? Our country is still painted by the media as Vile, dangerous, corrupt and a high risk country,we are yet to do anything to halt the fall of the naira against the dollar, we have not diversified our income resources and yes Nigerians are still wearing masks ....OK

Dear all behold your queen....Rihanna shut down the MET GALA in Guo Pei Chinese Couture .

There are no words to describe this look so i wont even bother, Rihanna shut down the MET GALA red carpet some nights ago in this daring couture ensemble. In a look that will remain in the fashion history books for years to come  more details have been revealed about this ensemble.


One car owner in Yenegoa , Bayelsa State really loves his African Print, one nairaland user put up the pics of the innovative car on . see pics below. You Like??