Frustrated Bank Staff pens mail to Top Management On How Bad They Treat Junior Staff

Some Contract Staff in Financial institutions and other organizations in this country are not treated with the respect they deserve.

someone posted this mail sent by a UBA staff to the management, crying out for equal or at least better treatment.

The piece is a sad one but with the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria there are thousands that will jump at this jobs flaws and all rather than remain jobless.

The mail below his grammatical errors and all.

This may not sound very serious to the ears of UBA management but if not looked into in a short possible time. It will destroy UBA as a bank.Service failure can’t be addressed without addressing the root causes of service failures amongst service custodians which are the ST and ASO(The contract people).The ST and ASO remain the strong backbone of UBA operation. They cant give what they don’t have. You can’t give happiness when you are not happy.There are poorly treated.

(1)Every branch of UBA have 70% of its staff members as either ST (64,000) monthly salary or an ASO (74,0000)monthly salary. The bulk of the bank operation lies in the hand of these categories of people. These category of people are sure of not having future in the bank, so there are less conscious of being sacked, because no terminal benefit. Meaning there number of years spent has no basis in their life. That is, there are laborers. Take the survey of these categories of people, there are always with their CV in their cubicles. Instead of concentrating on service to customers there are busy giving their cv to customers. Virtually all customers know their salaries. So how do they earn respect from the customers?

(2)UBA as a bank preach integrity but the management lack such viruture.So many ASO and St have gone to school and obtained,but the management chooses to hire fresh graduates and wants the fresh graduate to supervise the people who have the same qualification with them. Human nature is jealous and the only option is to frustrate the new hires thus causing strife and making the bank lose money and customers because there is not team spirit. Last two years HR invited people to conversion chart and till this moment nothing has been done.Instaed they keep deceiving us and that is not proper.

(3) I joined the bank at age 25. Now I am 35 years old. I am married with 2 children. How can I pay school fees, pay rent, and cater for my family with 64,000 and you want me to be happy serving your customers and you eat fat salaries at management level. A lot of tellers are stealing from the bank ranging from cash suppression and borrowing money from customers without repayment.

4) Tellers are treated like slaves in UBA. We work the hard work and the bom and cash officers go home with fat salaries with doing little. They push the bulk work to CRO, tellers, while we are sweating, there are making calls and smiling while we don’t have access to even reach our families during break.

5)Conduct a research amongst the frontline officer and you will find out that 99% are not happy. The boms treat tellers like rags and insult them. I am aware of teller who complained of bad working condition of maraba business office to mr kendy uzorka .The power that be sat on his conversion since 2010 and refused to convert him because he reported to Mr. KENNEDY instead of the AOM. What an intimidation

6) Some ASO has performed well more than Et and ABO people like ogodi ptarick,Cecelia nwafor,ngozie mba,owoade bayo,lina anuforo and they have worked with their strength and mind for UBA still the bank refused to convert them. Hard doesn’t pay for contract staff in uba too bad.

(7)Teller in UBA don’t dress well. You only talk of dressing well when you can feed well.Go to Zenith bank and see how tellers are properly dressed. The frontlines are neglected.

coolMany AOM don’t allow tellers go for leave,. It is a thug of war for tellers to go on leave. This kind of altitude is worst with OJE temitope of markurdi cluster. Virtually all tellers who are in that region complain of his denial of people going on leave unless you bow and kneel down for him. Is it right?

(’9)You don’t have control officers. They are lazy bunch of people.Instaed of doing work that will add value they choose to fight operation staff. Especially rosemary in Abuja region. There are not adding value.They borrow money from operation staff.Team up to eat overages in atm machines.

(9)Some tellers bring bottled groundnuts,shirts and clothing materials to sell to customers while attending to them.Investigate.These portray bad image because what they earn is the leave allowance of the so called ABO who don't know anything.


(1)There should be an immediate town hall meeting to restore the confidence of these category of staff.

(2)Salary Increase amongst these categories, House rent and transport is killing in Abuja expt you want your tellers to be stealing and be prepared for many court cases and this will portray a bad image for the bank as it will send signal that uba staff is thieves.

(3)Loan should be made easy for staff to take. We are not running away. We can’t access loan too bad.

(4)Arerepade Cecilia should be made to train all boms and AOMS on how to have good relationship with tellers, she has it but others are proud

(5)Tony elumelu do share little stipends for us while he was CEO.Please once in a while encourage us