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Manti Te'o denies creating 'dead girlfriend' hoax to boost career

The romance of Manti Te'o and "Lennay Kekua" had seemed a dream come true for sports scribes. Photograph: Jeff Christensen/Reuters Manti Te'o, the US college footballer revealed to have been conducting a relationship with a fake online girlfiend, has denied that he was involved in the hoax. In his first interview since the revelations, the Notre Dame linebacker told the sports network ESPN that there was "no way" he could have been involved in prepetrating the scam. There had been speculation that Te'o was involved in the hoax: the "girlfriend" was revealed to have died hours shortly after the death of his grandmother. Despite the apparent double tragedy, Te'o went on to play the game of his life when Notre Dame beat Michigan State 20-3.

WATCH BRANDY ..This is how i made it

With a career spanning over twenty years, and a legacy that’s served to inspire even her strongest of her contemporaries, Brandy ‘s run at the top has been groundbreaking to say the least. So, as to inspire another generation of performers, the ‘ Wish Your Love Away ‘ beauty has taken to MTV’s ‘ This Is How I Made It ‘ for a moving tell all on her journey to the top, and the trials and tribulations she has overcome while there. Watch below…

True Life Story ..Part 1 (Men Lie, Women believe without fact checking)

Duchess Ineh Ishioma wrote: TRUE LIFE STORY - PART 1 The evil some men do, the mistakes some ladies make . . . Esosa had a 'friend' Jude who got married 2years ago to a good looking lady Esther, who had a very good job. Excitedly, she sent him a congratulatory message on his FB wall & wished him a happy married life. Next day when she checked back, her message was deleted. She reposted the post in case he 'mistakenly' deleted it. That too was deleted almost immediately with a message that was sent to her inbox that said he's errmmm . . . a very private person & so doesn't want to advertise his wedding on FB. She smelt a rat!! Mind you, his wife wasn't on his list of FB friends.  

Trinidad James...Ratchet is the new cool

This days thanks to all those Reality shows it appears Ratchet is the new cool, case in point new Rapper Trinidad James,real name Nicholas Williams born 1987, i dont know maybe cos im old skool but i would  rather a rapper have a certain appeal but for this kid here well i guess its the new age for Ratchet Fashion. maybe i'm just an old maid watch the video below do you like his style?????

Rumour Report: Rapper Eminem has become a Born again christian

     There is a new report circulating that rapper Eminem has turned his life over to Christ . . . and is now a BORN-AGAIN Christian. Word is that Em is building a relationship with God and using that to help him spiritually, and with his addiction problems.

Ludacris Feat Kelly Rowland ...Representing

This was one of my fave collaborations during the last quarter in 2012...slow, sexy and the beat goes hard. ....."just want to keep all ya attention baby..."

Dbanj gets candid on the Juice

The Koko Master himself gets candid on a number of issues, his honesty is extremely refreshing makes for an entertaining watch............

How to become a successful runz girl

  Hehehe i found this video funny...but on a serious note Ladies please stay in school and respect your body this is not the way to live ....plssssss