True Life Story ..Part 1 (Men Lie, Women believe without fact checking)

Duchess Ineh Ishioma wrote:

The evil some men do, the mistakes some ladies make . . .
Esosa had a 'friend' Jude who got married 2years ago to a good looking lady Esther, who had a very good job. Excitedly, she sent him a congratulatory message on his FB wall & wished him a happy married life. Next day when she checked back, her message was deleted. She reposted the post in case he 'mistakenly' deleted it. That too was deleted almost immediately with a message that was sent to her inbox that said he's errmmm . . . a very private person & so doesn't want to advertise his wedding on FB. She smelt a rat!! Mind you, his wife wasn't on his list of FB friends.

His wife happened to have shared her wedding pictures on her FB page. She mischievously tagged him on all wedding pictures, meaning that the pictures will appear on his FB wall. He untagged himself & blocked her!!! Good riddance to very bad rubbish she mumbled to herself when she noticed he'd blocked her. She was happy though that the tagged pictures stayed on his FB wall long enough for some mischievous ambitious ladies to see. Mmmtscheeww!!!
Some months later, she(Esosa) was chatting with his wife Esther on FB chat, & she asked after her husband Jude. She said they were divorced!!! Her mouth literaly hung open!! "What happened???" she vigorously typed. She said that her husband was VERY secretive. He removed her from his list of FB friends; he had passwords for his phone & laptop which he refused to divulge to her.

One day he was careless & mistakenly left his laptop open & went to take a shower while she was in the kitchen. She came into the room & saw the open laptop. Curiosity got the better of her & she decided to check out what was on it. She was SHOCKED!!! Her husband had sex videos of several ladies(past & present) he was having sex with. Some of these ladies are well known political big wigs & 'family friends'. Not only that, he also had numerous pictures of nude ladies whose pictures he obviously took because he was also nude with some of them in the pictures. That wasn't all. His wife also saw pictures of 3 other children he had with other ladies besides the 1 child he told her he had outside wedlock!!
She quietly left the room & made investigations of him behind his back. She discovered that her husband was working as a deck hand in an Oil Company & not as an Engineer as he claimed. His salary was peanuts!!! He'd been married twice & divorced twice. He had 4 children from different ladies. He never went to University as he claimed. He'd been jailed twice for fraud & 419 runs. She discovered so many more unsavoury details about him & she realised she'd been sleeping with the enemy!!! Her husband was(still is) a GIGOLO, who had sex with very rich ladies & got paid for it!!!
She confronted him with her discoveries & all he could say was that he was trying to find the 'right time' to tell her about himself. He was presently in another relationship with another rich lady who he begged her to give him some time to get the money he wanted from the lady before dumping her for them to relocate to another state.
His wife had had enough!!! She sued his sorry ass for divorce & ran for her dear life. The young man is very much on FB. His relationship status reads "it's complicated' & he's in search of a wife(another unsuspecting victim I say).

Credit- Oge Onubogu Esekie

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