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Esther looked down with pity at the lifeless patient on the bed, she checked her pulse and confirmed that the cocktail of drugs in the drip attached to her veins was flowing properly, from experience she knew that one could not gauge when a patient would come out of a coma especially with a blood pressure rate this low, it was at times like this that she closed her nursing books and picked up what she knew best her faith.

Esther was a strong christian, she had grown up in a strict christian household, the middle child and only female child in a family of four males. Growing up with her parents had been tough, her parents believed that sacrifice was one of the greatest callings of a christian, so she was not allowed to watch "secular programs on TV", she was not allowed to wear makeup or jewelry or allowed to ask for extra pocket money to buy desserts after school, her fathers motto was "deny yourself and live within your means". she didn't really mind, she was…


Seriously is that even a word?? well its my word, the Cougar effect is catching on even down to our male socially dominated old fashioned Africa, older women dating younger men are now on the increase, its time for me to give my own 2 cents on this trend.

First of all, even though i try not to make this blog about feminine issues there is no way that you can talk about the cougar effect and relate it to men, Men have been dating younger women since time immemorial, in the old African custom it was basically like a status thing. you make some good money by selling a handful of your harvested crops, turn older and marry some young pretty thing to complement, nobody raised any eyebrows, a lot of his peers would tap him on the back and look at his wife lustfully.

A TALE OF FOUR WOMEN (Ndidiamaka's story)contd

Ndidi came out of the bathroom confused, events from last night kept on haunting her and she didn't mean just the phone call, she had crossed a line and suspected her younger brother would be furious with her, she glanced at her bed, He was still sprawled out asleep, her eyes drank in the sight of him, 6 ft 3 inches ,lean all muscles hard male, her brother would be mad she slept with his mentor but standing there staring at him and recollecting last nights activities she felt a rush in her insides and knew she was not sorry.

30 minutes later standing in front of her bedroom mirror in her bra and a pair of black denim jeans, putting the last strand of her tinted dark golden blond hair into place she felt her visitor move, "you're a sight for sore eyes" he muttered in that deep baritone voice of his, she felt herself blush all over and steeled herself, "one would think i worked you to death last night with the way you slept all through the night " she respond…