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The Notorious Chief Nwiboko Obodo and the Odozi Obodo cult

In today's history but with a touch of shock i just learnt of this story via culled from Time. Apparently in the heart land of Abaliki located in South eastern Nigeria ,Nigeria  had what can best be described as a cult with serial killers. the Time magazine article of 1958 below states. In the vast British tropical colony of Nigeria, the back-country people of the Eastern Region have long been a troublesome lot to officialdom. Mostly half-naked farmers, they take unusual delight in staging bloody campaigns against vaccinations, and in setting schools on fire. Each time the police must come in to restore order. But of all the assignments that the police have undertaken, none has produced such eerie results as the search of the house of Chief Nwiboko Obodo.

Boko Haram Fighters In Zimbabwe En Route South Africa’

According to the Zimbabwean news website, the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) issued an intelligence report, warning that the Islamist militant group is in Zimbabwe en route to neighbouring South Africa. The Matebeleland region borders South Africa, where the jihadist group may seek to “carry out revenge attacks for the ill-treatment of several Nigerian nationals in the ongoing xenophobic attacks” . Boko Haram released propaganda this month threatening to kill South Africans in retribution for the wave of xenophobic violence affecting Nigerians and others in that nation, though it was believed that Boko Haram members would find and kill South Africans in the areas where they operate: Northeast Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon. Really  though??

Is the best way to get over heartbreak....being with someone else?

  I think we can all agree that  dating  can be all sorts of stressful, Relationships are not a walk in the park, so when you finally find someone who you can let down your guard for, who you can share your innermost fears and desires with, that person who you trust to have your back it's really a beautiful feeling. Both of you are in love or in lust......who knows with this kids these days, you finally announce your coupling to the world, hey look at us we are together, you are proud of that partner by your side. You have changed your facebook profile to in a committed relationship, You begin most of your sentences with "you know my man said....or my girl is...."It becomes a partnership, when you see yourself in the future it's with that person it's the most beautiful yet most vulnerable feeling in the world....Relationships.

The Power of Praise

God is.....I honestly cannot describe who He is, people call him different names , From Tibet to Mali majority of human beings acknowledge that there is a superior being who created the world and put us humans here, if you don't believe this  then i wonder how you think you got here and what your purpose on this earth is. For Christians Praise is our soul's way of acknowledging our Lord's presence, it's our way of electrifying our spirits, when we offer praise we forget for a moment our problems, the darkness in the world is but a moment forgotten, it's our way of laying down our battle weapons and offering adoration to our maker, letting him know that we are grateful, that we love Him, that we understand that without Him we are nothing. Praise is our spirits ringing the bell of submission, it's our lips moving in it's truest form, an organ with multipurpose  functions going back to default mode , when we offer praises to God for one moment when we clos

StandbyBagaNigeria: Emergency Relief Support

Our Cause: In January 2015, Boko-Haram performed what has been referred to as its deadliest attack till date on the town of Baga in Borno State, Nigeria.  Aerial satellite footage by Human Rights Watch confirms that the town was largely razed to the ground.  Depending on the source, the number of dead victims ranges from 200- 2000. We actually do not care what the real number is. One life brutally taken is one too many. While we may no longer save the dead, we must help the living! As a result of Boko-Haram activities, there are presently about 1,000,000 displaced people (IDPs) living in 18 IDP camps in northeast Nigeria. This number is synonymous with the population of Swaziland and Djibouti, and over half the population of Gambia. The needs of the IDPS are immense and include, water and sanitation, beds, medical supplies (antiseptics, plasters, soaps, toiletries, drugs, analgesics--pain relievers, anti-helminthics--worm expellants, anti-malaria, humatinics

US Based Doctor Calls for Mass Slaughter of Igbos in Lagos | Nearly 5,000 Have Signed Petition Against Him

This story culled from Bella Naija truly worries me. A Dallas, Texas, US based cardiologist, Adeniran Abraham Ariyo , allegedly called for the slaughter of Igbo people in Lagos, akin to the xenophobic attacks currently going on in South Africa. According to the petition filed against him, he said the following on his Facebook page.

A POEM FOR JOE........

© I stared bleakly at this dark place they called a prison, i could hear the chants from outside the small peep hole that was mistaken for a window.....they were calling for my head. The voices seemed to rise in unison as the dawn approached , I could smell their vicious rage ,their blood running hot calling for my head , i did not even flinch when the key turned as the warder came in to usher me to my ceremonious death,i was already filled with unimaginable pain "where is joe? why wont he come.." i wondered. This was not how i was supposed to end up, dressed in a loose fitting grey dress, the stench from sleeping in my own waste seemed unapparent to the eager onlookers that peered from the prison walls , watching the blasphemous adulterer walk to meet the hangman.  Two weeks ago things were different i remember the exact moment i met him, i had taken my last daughter to the stream for the first time,as i approached my house and stopped when i saw a stranger sitt

BADMUS....................Freshest Boy in Banking (Week 1)

John Badmus stared despairingly at the ceiling in his bedroom, it was , by this time last week he would have been in the office flirting with the Customer service officer whilst he waited for his colleagues to join him downstairs so they could head out for marketing, this was not how things were supposed to pan out. The shrill ringing of his Iphone on his reading table jolted him back to reality, he glanced at his phone which was ringing for the umpteenth time with no desire whatsoever to answer, he was not interested in telephone conversations that would remind him of his current situation , he did not want people’s sympathy which in some cases had been laced with amusement, he remembered when he was clearing his table on the last day of work he overheard two of his colleagues whispering “eyaa no more freshest boy, how will he cope with his big boy status?” one whispered stifling laughter, “maybe he will use fine boy to eat now since no more 24th for him , nonsense spoilt b

Wu-Tang Clan & Cilvaringz Planning the best Album Release ever.

From the partnership of top tier Music artists on the music sharing site Tidal to Kick starter campaigns, today's artists are constantly finding ways to control their ART and ensure that they receive their dues from their work of art. Legendary group  Wu-Tang Clan & Cilvaringz have gone one step further, for its next album, the legendary hip-hop collective is aiming to go old school—really old school.

Janelle Monae evolves in new song Yoga ...shows off dancing skills.

I totally love and respect Janelle Monae, she literally is wise beyond her years. when she first came on the scene she was known by her powerful messaging that revealed themselves in her songs, dressing and videos bu several years later Janelle now has her own record label and she knows you already get her message so she is doing what every great artiste does...she is evolving. Featuring her  Nigerian artiste Jidenna ( am i such a fan of his track Classic man) watch below her nideo for her song Yoga.......arieolaaaaaaaa love it...i see your booty gurl.

Who is afraid of Buhari......Fire Guts Federal Mortgage Bank On Broad Street.

  At about 8:30 this morning , the Mamman Kontagora House along Marina in Lagos was engulfed by fire . Report reaching us says that the fire has spread to the 2nd floor of the 16 storey building. The Lagos State Fire Service after a long battle to quell the situation, currently have been able to put the fire under control.  The fire spread and allegedly gutted 7 floors of the building, eyewitness reports that even the ATM's in the building were affected. Although the cause of the fire is as yet unknown, Eyewitness in Broad street suspect foul play, a source who doesn’t want his name in print who spoke to said “It is strange that the fire affects the Mortgage building”. He doubts that it was a coincidence that the fire burnt almost all the official documents in the bank. With the election of Muhammadu Buhari, most Ministries and Federal agencies being governed by the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, for 16 years are now writing down their ha

Ethiopian woman breaks boundaries as autistic son says "I Love You" after silence for 16 years

  ·            Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (CNN) "I didn't know what to do. I didn't know how to help my child." These are the words no parent ever wants to say. And yet for Zemi Yenus, this was her reality. After years of carving out a successful career as a beautician in Los Angeles, the Ethiopian cosmetologist and mother of two had returned to her hometown of Addis Ababa. The year was 1996. Eager to dispense her learned knowledge back into the community, she went on to establish Niana School of Beauty, the country's first licensed beauty school. Business was booming and with 6,000 students the school was proving a hit with aspiring beauticians. But life at home was hard. Yenus' second child Jojo was struggling at school. Four years older than his brother Bilal, he wasn't developing in the same way. He'd already been excluded from several educational facilities and private education was costing a fortune. His b

New York’s Empire State lights up for missing Chibok girls

  New York’s Empire State building was lit up in red and purple Tuesday in honor of more than 200 Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram militants one year ago. The edifice was to remain illuminated until 2:00 am (0600 GMT), a nod to the number of girls who remain missing. Candlelight vigils, rallies and prayers were held from Nigeria to New Zealand to Paris to mark one year since the girls were kidnapped, while others commemorated the missing students and demanded their safe return with #BringBackOurGirls messages. “On Tuesday, April 14, 2015, The Empire State Building will be lit Purple and red in honor of BringBackOurGirls,” the Empire State website said. Some 276 girls were taken from the northeastern town of Chibok by the Boko Haram extremists, 219 of which remain missing. Amnesty International said the Chibok girls’ kidnapping was one of 38 in northeast Nigeria since the start of last year that had seen at least 2,000 women taken by the militants. N

Man Trekking From Lagos To Abuja Because Buhari Won

I honestly thought this story was a joke when i first heard of it but apparently it's quite true. This young man said he will trek from Abuja to Lagos if Buhari won and he is keeping to his word. His name is Hasheem Suleman and the guy promised that if Buhari wins the Presidential Elections, he would trek from Lagos To Abuja.....Buhari he decided to keep his word. He is currently  in Niger state.  According to Hasheem, trekking runs in the family as his great, great, grand father was among the Israelites who trekked 40-years from Egypt to the promised land.

Tee Morgan, Reaches The North Pole (The First Nigerian To Ever Reach There)

Congratulations to Tee Morgan who has become the first Nigerian to participate in one of the world's most grueling sporting challenges, the North Pole Marathon and not only participating but finishing the marathon. The Nigerian who proudly waved her flag at the end of the race was among the 45 competitors who entered the event on April 9th, with participants from different countries and races. The race is run on small, 2.62-mile loop about 10 times over hard snow or the frozen ice of the Arctic Ocean. Snipers were placed around the running circuit to protect the athletes from polar bears or other dangerous animals.

Revenge? PDP Candidate Removes Transformer Donated To Community

It was a shock find for the Sabo community in Ibadan, Oyo State capital in the early hours of Sunday as they woke up in the morning only to see a Transformer donated to the community few days ago by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate, Senator Teslim Folarin, being carted away by some aides of the former Senate Leader. The PDP governorship candidate who came fourth in the Oyo State Gubernatorial election had reportedly conceded defeat on Saturday night apparently having seen the signals that the incoming polls result did not favour him.

Idris Elba on Chance of Him Playing Bond: 'It's Gone'

Sorry Ladies if you were dreaming of dark chocolate British  Sierra leonan Actor Idris Elba playing the iconic James Bond character well according to him that choice is gone. Idris Elba claims that the never-ending rumors of him playing James Bond are precisely what killed his chances. Speaking to an audience at the British Film Institute, Elba said he's tired of the speculation. "Honestly, it’s a rumor that’s really starting to eat itself," the Luther star said. "If there was ever any chance of me getting Bond, it’s gone." Adding that talks with producers of the Bond franchise "never happened," Elba claims to know exactly who started the gossip. " Daniel Craig  actually set the rumor off. About four years ago he said Idris Elba would be a great Bond and then it started to creep," he said. "I blame Daniel."

Hillary Clinton Will Announce Bid for Presidency This Weekend

  America may be inching closer to having their first Female President, Hilary Clinton will reportedly announce her bid for the presidency this weekend, multiple news outlets are reporting.

Review of 50 shades of Grey......

So i reviewed the movie Fifty shades of Grey on my work blog and i decided to share it here...why not it's mine isn't it?  S o yeah i don't know why i do this to myself, its bad enough that i have the three books in my house and i couldn't get myself to finish the second let alone read the third but i still went to watch this movie.

NIGERIA AND THE UTOPIA OF ONE NIGERIA it's 2015 , I'm adjusting to life in my 30"s yes you heard me I've entered the 30's phase and i am trying to be less confrontational about issues. Unlike in 2011 where i got worked up on political issues and was blogging about every rant , i believe i am more laid back, the goggles of media propaganda has been removed and i believe i look at things now with the big picture in mind.


Jesse Jagz, Loose Kanyon, Audu Maikori and MI Abaga And all is well again in Chocolate City.  After listening to MI's track brother on his amazing Chairman Album, i could feel his longing for his brother , so i was excited when there was hint of a reunion and alas it's all true. Jesse Jagz has returned home. Three years after Jesse Jagz voluntarily resigned from Chocolate City after the expiration of his 2-year contract with the label, Jesse has finally returned.

Worst April fool's joke ever?

So someone posted .....let's call it a cry for help on popular website Nairaland, she just played the worst prank on her boyfriend and it has backfired. her words below. "he is abroad ,this morning to play on him I sent him a message on watsapp that I slept with another guy last month and I just discovered I'm pregnant now the guy wants to marry me...he got annoyed said he was disappointed and betrayed... before I could say April fool he has blocked me and he won't pick my calls ... and we did have an agreement not to play pranks on each other because of the distance ....what do I do now ? I'm hurt ."  Chile first of all how old are you? do you not have friends? its bad enough when you are in a distant relationship, where do you suddenly wake up and decide i will just destroy my relationship. Nigerian men are possessive , no one is laughing if you are joking about sleeping around, poor misguided child.   got me asking today is April 1st, wha

Terrence Howard and his Bizzare views on women.

  So you know i was scouting through the internet , drinking in the latest news and then i came accross one of the most bizzare interviews i've read in a long while. Terrence Howard is a handsome, well accomplished actor and right now with the success of the fox tv series Empire and another TV series on the way he seems to be the man of the moment.

General Buhari wins Nigerian 2015 Presidential elections after dramatic result announcement.

  Former military ruler Muhammadu Buhari has become the first Nigerian to defeat a sitting president through the ballot box, putting him in charge of Africa's most populous nation and its biggest economy. Buhari was declared the winner after he gained 2.7 million more votes than his rival, incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan.