US Based Doctor Calls for Mass Slaughter of Igbos in Lagos | Nearly 5,000 Have Signed Petition Against Him

Adeniran Abraham Ariyo - 3

This story culled from Bella Naija truly worries me.

A Dallas, Texas, US based cardiologist, Adeniran Abraham Ariyo, allegedly called for the slaughter of Igbo people in Lagos, akin to the xenophobic attacks currently going on in South Africa.
According to the petition filed against him, he said the following on his Facebook page.

Adeniran Abraham Ariyo (3)

You will recall that earlier this month Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu, made some tribalistic remarks and threatened the lives of Igbo leaders in Lagos.
Adeniran Abraham Ariyo (2) 

 According to various media outlets, he has deleted all his photos and Facebook profile, and has gone into hiding.

A petition has been filed against him, asking the Texas medical board to investigate him and for his medical license to be revoked. The petition, started by Nigeria Moment, states:
This is important because the massacre or extermination of any ethnic group is against UN law and of course the laws of United States. No ethnic group should ever have to be massacred due to hate for any reason whatsoever since there are legally accepted ways of dealing and settling differences. The world can not allow this to happen.”

That a human being can be this callous truly saddens, an educated man that should know better , it reminds me of my previous article  its truly sad how divided we are in this country.