Review of 50 shades of Grey......


So i reviewed the movie Fifty shades of Grey on my work blog and i decided to share it here...why not it's mine isn't it?

 So yeah i don't know why i do this to myself, its bad enough that i have the three books in my house and i couldn't get myself to finish the second let alone read the third but i still went to watch this movie.

Just like the books it started off with great prospects, Dakota Johnson is an amazing actress she played the part so well, so young, innocent, trusting and yet alluring with sparks of rebellion just like Anastacia in the books, she brought that character to life , it was easy to see Christian Grey or any man for that matter fall for this character,the first meeting was good,the chemistry believable and that tap of his fingers when she bit her lower lip so on point,the second date on the helicopter was a great appetizer women will probably sigh with wistfulness at that scene but after some mins after that the movie just goes downhill.

Jamie Dornan's portrayal of Christian Grey was weak,i mean if you're  going to portray a rich, sexy , twisted millionaire that has severe emotional and mental issues give the character some depth. Henry Cavill or Jonathan Rhys Meyers would have been a better fit (in my opinion) who remembers Timothy Dalton in the 1983 portrayal of Jane Eyre , though he did not tie anyone up but that character was also enthralling in a sick and twisted way .i don't even remember the movie in full nor when i watched it but i always remembered Mr Rochester, his character hypnotized Jane Eyre , she knew this young rich man was dark and dangerous and had probably killed someone but she could not let him ago. which is exactly what Christian Grey is to Anastasia, Jamie's acting was not enough.

The writers did not add one thing to the movie from the novel, unlike Game of Thrones and Twilight where the writers used their creative license to make the scenes more exciting by introducing new characters or making scenes more up tempo , the script was exactly like the book if anything they cut out some parts ,and the ending was so bland, so robotic i was really waiting for some climax after the beginning built up so much anticipation but just like the book the end left me rolling my eyes and wandering who this writer was trying to deceive , the infamous Mills and Boon stories packed more heat than this movie.

50 shades of Grey is like that hot slice of pizza everyone around you has been talking about, everyone around you is taking a bite and making yummy noises, the packaging is appealing , the cheese is in excess you see it melting off their hands and know its bad for your weight but they wont stop talking about it, it looks hot ..delicious it makes you hungry, you cant wait till your own Pizza box is delivered, you pick up that hot slice, saliva drips from your mouth , you take a bite it melts on your tongue , you join them in making yummy noises but just before you swallow you discover the sausage is not well cooked. the garlic is a little too much. its still good pizza and for some it may be the best pizza they have ever tasted but for you finish your slice in disappointment cos you know you've not eaten a lot of pizza's but you've definitely had better.

It's been out a while, Have you seen it? what do you think was i wrong in my review?