Wu-Tang Clan & Cilvaringz Planning the best Album Release ever.

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From the partnership of top tier Music artists on the music sharing site Tidal to Kick starter campaigns, today's artists are constantly finding ways to control their ART and ensure that they receive their dues from their work of art.

Legendary group  Wu-Tang Clan & Cilvaringz have gone one step further, for its next album, the legendary hip-hop collective is aiming to go old school—really old school.

In an effort to take music back to its Renaissance roots, where wealthy patrons funded painters and musicians alike as they created timeless works, Wu-Tang secretly recorded double album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin over six years and will sell the lone disc directly to one wealthy fan.

The goal is “intensifying debate and really starting to look at … the value of music,” album producer Cilvaringz (above) told FORBES in Marrakech last year. Ringleader RZA said the group has already received a $5 million offer; the group has since tapped Paddle8, an upstart online auction house backed by the likes of Damien Hirst and the Mellon family, to handle the sale.

This is Epic, in my books this dwarfs the controversial partnership Jay Z made with Samsung where the Telecoms giant paid $5 million for copies  of his last album for their users.

Read more at http://wu-ha.wutangclan.com/the-secret/