The Power of Praise

God is.....I honestly cannot describe who He is, people call him different names , From Tibet to Mali majority of human beings acknowledge that there is a superior being who created the world and put us humans here, if you don't believe this  then i wonder how you think you got here and what your purpose on this earth is.

For Christians Praise is our soul's way of acknowledging our Lord's presence, it's our way of electrifying our spirits, when we offer praise we forget for a moment our problems, the darkness in the world is but a moment forgotten, it's our way of laying down our battle weapons and offering adoration to our maker, letting him know that we are grateful, that we love Him, that we understand that without Him we are nothing.

Praise is our spirits ringing the bell of submission, it's our lips moving in it's truest form, an organ with multipurpose  functions going back to default mode , when we offer praises to God for one moment when we close our eyes we transcend beyond physical realms , Praise  was king David's best weapon, facing condemnation and imminent punishment it was his hearts defense mechanism to melt his Master's stance even in the midst of all his wrong doing.

Praise is everything..................To US, To Me.

Sometimes we get lost in the rat race that we forget why we are really here......Praise reminds us.

 i decided to share one of my favorite gospel songs below , Vicky Yohe Mercy Seat.