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The forthcoming elections is proving to be filled with so much drama i almost could believe some James Hardly chase novel is playing out in front of me, but when i think of the innocent people who have lost their lives all i can do is pray that God will help us. Its time we stop the madness that has been going round for 50 years. lets make our leaders accountable. i have plenty more to say on this topic but i will wait till the drama plays out and pray more people do not lose their lives, till then i have only one question what will people tell the children of those who dies in the independence day bombing, that their parents/relations lost their lives out of just selfish political drama???lets chew on this....


My hands are raised in defence, before you guys come at me i am not a relationship expert, I am not in a perfect relationship infact i have no basis in writting about this topic except for the fact that i love to give my 2 cents on anything and everything, but still you will all agree that we have unspoken rules of dating, nope not those 7 rules of dating or what not to do on a first date or all that crap... FYI all those rules just sell the author's books, human relationships are not a perfect science what will be will be. gradually though as you get older you realize that there are rules in this dating business, and this rules differ between men and women,teens and adults, people with questionable characters to good responsible people you know the list goes on and on. Dont shake your head each group of friends has those rules, it might be we dont date each others sisters or brothers or we never take our girlfriends with us during the guys night out or vice versa but some rul

Nigeria and its Big Ol Ass...

First of all before you guys crucify me, i love my country. I am proud to be a Nigerian even with all the corruption, poverty,Ethnocentric ism and all i would never want to reside anywhere else and i am proud to be a Nigerian, that being said the whole drama that went down during our showing at the ongoing south African world cup pretty much sums up our outlook. Rewind a couple of months ago, Nigeria had just qualified for the world cup with its indigenous coach Amodu Shaibu and they were rumblings that the coach would not be competent enough to take the team to the world cup>>why cos he is black?? anyway the super eagles had not been performing well at the international level but still you sack a team's coach barely 3 months to the world cup what were they thinking?? and then lets not forget the drama that ensued before Lars Lagerback was hired(his name sounds like an outdated beer, bad sign) the Swede could not even qualify his country for the world cup what were we expec


You know i always wondered when my parents used to talk about things being better in the old days if it was just some form of wishful white lie but you know i have joined them, things were actually better in the old days for one thing almost every female magazine wasn't filled with some form of sob story and for another a chick didn't have to wait for valentine's day or her birthday to stock up new perfumes #justsaying. seriously though what has suddenly come over men, where did all the romantic men go? this is exactly what one of my close friends and i were discussing this weekend, i introduced her to some guy who told me he liked her and the first thing the guy could come up with was some funny crappy question.


First off there is a reason why the topic is in parenthesis and abbreviated, we Africans don't like to talk about homosexuality, its like its a taboo or something. we file topics like this under topics like bestiality and incest it's too disgusting and unthinkable to fathom. but the reality is that homosexuality is on the rise, from the Legal gay marriages in Europe and some parts of America to numerous homosexuals gaining positions of power all over the fashion and entertainment world this act seems to be picking up all over the world and Africa is not left out. this days we hear about a lot of undercover gay hangouts and spots spanning from the north to the south of Nigeria, personally i have never been to any but as they say in my place there is no smoke without fire. Personally i will be honest, i don't support gay marriages i think its unnatural and its not in the bible so there you have it, but that said i have met some few open homosexuals and they don't se

Freestyling (Response to a jab)

Going thru it again This is my number 1 ADAKU So now Imma have to jump into this fake steez Nigger is trying to trespass on my fly biz Claiming you schooled me in rap Like its another feather in your cap Look don’t let my woman curves fool ya Been holding rhymes down since before I knew ya Recognize been the first lady in a male clique since I was 5 And yeah back then I still was making dudes take 5 So what u passed a lil weak lines through my side Thought they were weak but didn’t wanna throw shade to a homie sitting by my side Got real rappers like MI and jagz on my BBM contact list Now u wanna hate me cos u found out u are on delete list? Nigga I got body guards you cant even begin to count A phone call and we’d be turning this whole area into a body count Yeah I’m spiritual but I’ve never been known to back down You come for my throat I will cut you the hell down D only lessons u gave were d ones on my dirt book Still cant find it cos of


hey guys, so finally i decided to get my on blog..its been taking me a while to make up my mind but i felt like the creative energy in me would burst if i dont do something ,so yeah here we are. the journey of self discovery is a personal, long and sometimes futile one(hey some people never discover themselves) and mine has been filled with ups and downs. I have learnt so many truths along the way like a little girl just developing breasts should never go into a fight with a boy because he will always have the upper hand and also that you should never show your mum the loveletters from a boy in grade school because he might get suspended and you will never get the chance to tell him you also liked him(in my case i got a punch on my lips as my reward) You actually learn the hard truths that books,movies and the internet do not prepare you for by your your loved ones will die and it will hurt like hell and people you trust will dissapoint you and money always ha