Nigeria and its Big Ol Ass...

First of all before you guys crucify me, i love my country. I am proud to be a Nigerian even with all the corruption, poverty,Ethnocentric ism and all i would never want to reside anywhere else and i am proud to be a Nigerian, that being said the whole drama that went down during our showing at the ongoing south African world cup pretty much sums up our outlook.

Rewind a couple of months ago, Nigeria had just qualified for the world cup with its indigenous coach Amodu Shaibu and they were rumblings that the coach would not be competent enough to take the team to the world cup>>why cos he is black?? anyway the super eagles had not been performing well at the international level but still you sack a team's coach barely 3 months to the world cup what were they thinking?? and then lets not forget the drama that ensued before Lars Lagerback was hired(his name sounds like an outdated beer, bad sign) the Swede could not even qualify his country for the world cup what were we expecting...a miracle??

Yes Nigerians are very prayerful, God was going to help us, as if other nations dont pray to God too, and so the Giants of Africa carried its big ass with its huge money and shining stars to prepare for the world did we do this?, the coach confessed that he had been watching the players on video and he knew them fairly well by now..hmnn i have watched all Brad Pitt's films do you think i can confess to Angelina that i know Brad Pitt pretty well seriously, as if that was not bad enough we couldn't find enough countries to play friendlies with..i heard something about not having enough money e.t.c

Finally the list of players to go to the world cup came out, our usual suspects were listed, Mikel Obi was injured so he wouldn't be joining them but the usual suspects were there( the usual old hands that had been benched at their club teams)at this point if we were smart we all should not have bothered to expect anything from them, all the odds were not in our favor..but we are the Giant of Africa, our footballers are superstars and we promised them 30,000$ each if they could get to the second round...we have money na, we were paying our coach millions, we had endorsement deals..the world cup was in africa.God was with us.

First round against the Almighty Argentina, we lost by 1-0 and the whole nation seemed to be jubilating, the loss was not that bad therefore we had hope. Our boys have surprised us ,they are good..e.t.c but of course our darling Kaita threw a childish fit in the second round that cost him a red card and a place in the wall of shame and our guys lost that match and we all know how our last match went...Yakubu seemed not to know which way to direct his massive legs and we lost out without winning a single match.

Anger, Disappointment, Embarrassment i could go on and on, me personally i was angry that i allowed myself to be sucked into the Nigerian saga again, i should have known better, at a point i had to change the channel during the last match when my mum started shouting and kicking her legs about as if she was going to break the of my good friends warned me not to bother watching the match, i didn't listen to him..well neither did most of you, my twitter was filled with depressed tweets , Our President got so upset that he banned Nigeria from taking part in any international Football event for two years (his anger has since simmered down and that decision has been reversed)

This whole charade took me back some years ago when the Makossa crase was everywhere, we were at some party and 'Awilo' started playing, my friends and i shouted like the crazed, tipsy girls we were and ran to the dance floor where we all started rolling our waists like battery powered Okoso, one of my friends could not contain herself and shouted "ada nawa o are you supposed to be dancing? just because you have a big ass doesn't mean you can dance makossa abeg go sidon" i was embarrassed and humiliated so i laughed to cover up and used style to go back and take a seat...i practiced and practiced in the mirror till i finally got the moves right and thereby learnt a valuable lesson...

If you have all the tools for a project and you don't take time to practice and get it right, all your tools will not help you, you will still fail. so Nigeria Super Eagles get your Big Ol ass to the practice field and sweat it out till you get it right, we don't want to see you making a fool of yourself on the field till you are convinced you have nailed should se me dance makossa now sha *winks*


  1. okay dis is a lovely one.i love d fact dat u broke dis down from beginning to end...what pains me is d fact dat at the end our president who should be thinking of better thing was so pained by our outing and b4 d end of d wc sef had to intervene and dissolve the glass house now called football house and barn us from further competitions...very embarrasing and fifa had to open their mouth to say they will further bounce us from competing.

    For me o, i dont care until dey get their act right an d the newly appointed get to sit down and know how to push our beloved football forward.

    lovely blog again.



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