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A TALE OF FOUR WOMEN (The three Legged Horsemen)

For some seconds all Lilian could see was a bright light, she tried to open her eyelids but they seemed to be made of lead, she tried to think but her brain was still so fuzzy, suddenly she began to hear noises, at first the noises seemed distant and indistinct she couldn't make out the sounds, she tried opening her eyes again but the bright light hit her again so she closed it immediately, she began to wonder if she was in heaven or hell, the thought of being in the after life made her panic, she knew that with all the bad stuff she had done in her life there was only one place she was headed, she suddenly began to struggle with her fatigue, if she was going to be led to a lake of fire she was going to see her destination before she was dragged there. Esther was preoccupied as she walked into the private ward of the hospital on the last floor, The reporter had not seemed impressed when she informed her that it was her boss that was paying for Lillian Phillips hospital bills, s


If you are thinking that i am being too graphic with this topic..well maybe you are right but at times like this its appropriate we tell ourselves the truth. who do i blame for this white collar mentality?? well actually everyone gets a piece of the blame pie , i mean i don't know how you all grew up but when i grew up parents wanted their kids to become doctors, Lawyers, know professionals, we lived in our civil servants quarters, with the official cars, furniture was paid by the office, hospital bills, travel allowances i mean to be honest lets face it, having a good government job was fantastic back then, the government took care of its own and so it was not out of place for parents to want their children to follow in their footsteps. I never knew one child who replied "i want to run my own business when i grow up" when asked "what do you want to be when you grow up?" , that was the same era Charles Oputa aka Charly Boy and Fela Anikulap