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The Talking Drum

Being african there are things that are just literally in my blood, like when you hear the traditional beats of the talking drum its instinctive i feel my body tingle, let me take you on a small history trip.What exactly is the talking drum and how does it work? The  talking drum  is a West African Hourglass drum whose pitch can be regulated to mimic the tone and prosody of human was used regularly during the Pre colonial era before the advent of post offices and now the internet, I am also pretty sure it was used to transmit coded messages which the indigenes did not want the white man to understand .  Bringing it back to this write up don,t worry i am not about to take you back to the days of the talking drum and traveling cowries (yes the cowries traveled great distances and showed the medicine man the future, present and the past) if you believe that you will also believe that a certain special broom can bring or chase rain but i digress right now  let,s talk about g

COMPETITION (Tale of Four Women ) Fiction ended

Hi guys i am pleased to announce that  to encourage people who have been following my serial story since it begun in January 2011, I am doing a  small competition.. The first four winners who will submit the answers to ALL 3 questions correctly in the quiz below will win N2,500 air time(each). They will be able to determine the particular GSM Telecom air time they want their prize to come as (note that each winner is limited to request for not more than 2 different Telecoms  company air time.). To qualify for this competition you must (a) be following me on Twitter ,username is @dakkylove or (b) be my facebook friend. You also must have read the 9 series story to the current post (Scratching the surface) You may send your answers to me on twitter or via facebook message , text messages, conversations and other means of correspondence is not acceptable. To win you must answer ALL the three questions below correctly  1) How long had Lilian been dating Ochuko before she fo

A TALE OF FOUR WOMEN (Scratching the surface)

Ochuko walked into his father,s 11th floor office with a scowl on his face, He had been getting ready to witness  the  Formula one Monaco Grand Prix competition   in Monte Carlo when his father,s call came through, his father's voice was even less curt and harsh than usual. "Oghenochuko where have you been? " he barked, " you were supposed to be back in Nigeria since last week have you been following the news " "Dad.." he had tried responding  " you better be here by Tuesday latest " with that he hung up, that was three days ago,  dressed in a Polo T shirt and jeans Ochuko swung his long legs with confident strides as he made a beeline for his father,s office, the stir amongst the office  staff was evident, the atmosphere suddenly becoming quiet and a re echoing of "good morning sir" following him,  he ignored them all, stopping only at his father,s door to chat with the secretary a middle aged skinny woman who was standing over a y

DARE ART ALADE Representing the Art in his name

Dare Art Alade is the first artist to start off the music section of this blog, and many of you  will wonder why him, people who really know me know that i am not a die hard Dare fan but a fan is exactly what i have become why..because the man keeps on improving and giving me good music. lets take a step back who is this artiste? i first heard of Darey when i switched on the TV to watch one of those morning shows on NTA Channel 5  i think it was AM express, this Acapella group of about 5 called chordwebs  came on, it was a beautiful performance but even then Dare stood out, his deep baritone voice made the harmony in the group seep in like soft nectar, i was like who is this guy? when they introduced themselves and he said his name was Dare Art Alade the name rang a bell but i couldn,t quite place it, fast forward some months later i met one of the members of his Acapella group and he couldn't shut up about his band members especially


Esther made her way home grudgingly, she had to drop off one of her co-nurses by bode thomas before driving through terrible traffic to get to her place at Aguda, surulere. as soon as she drove in as expected the light in her son's bedroom went off and she heard his door bang. she sighed quietly wondering how she was going to survive another night in this house. she opened the door to see her little 9 year old daughter seated on the floor in the sitting room almost entering the television screen munching biscuit , "grace what did i tell you about going so near  the TV, you will hurt your eyes." "welcome home mama "her daughter greeted nonchalantly her eyes not wavering from the TV, this was the time her husband should have scolded her daughter for being disrespectful but he was gone, this time around she had not heard from him in two months and she was too tired to play daddy and mummy, she was tired of everything. "have you and your brother eaten?" &


Nigeria where do i begin? maybe we should begin by discussing the origins of our name, the name Nigeria was given to my country by Flora Shaw the girlfriend or future wife of Baron Lugard a British colonial administrator in the 19th century. Let's allow that to sink in a bit, we are the largest black nation in the world,Africa's most populous nation and our name was given to us on the whims of a British socialite keen to impress his bride to be, does this remind anyone of King Herod and the beheading of John the Baptist?? ok i digress,with over 155 million people and over 250 ethnic tribes the age old question comes about how did we all come together and how come we have been together this long without tearing ourselves apart? Nigeria is largely a spiritual, superstitious nation. regardless of what religion they find themselves there is the cogent belief in a supreme deity, so maybe we were destined to all be grouped together like some obedient sheep into a barn yard but