DARE ART ALADE Representing the Art in his name

Dare Art Alade is the first artist to start off the music section of this blog, and many of you  will wonder why him, people who really know me know that i am not a die hard Dare fan but a fan is exactly what i have become why..because the man keeps on improving and giving me good music.

lets take a step back who is this artiste? i first heard of Darey when i switched on the TV to watch one of those morning shows on NTA Channel 5  i think it was AM express, this Acapella group of about 5 called chordwebs  came on, it was a beautiful performance but even then Dare stood out, his deep baritone voice made the harmony in the group seep in like soft nectar, i was like who is this guy? when they introduced themselves and he said his name was Dare Art Alade the name rang a bell but i couldn,t quite place it, fast forward some months later i met one of the members of his Acapella group and he couldn't shut up about his band members especially Dare, apparently his father was one of the pioneer jazz musicians in Nigeria, don't shoot a kid for not knowing her musical history at that point but i was still blank, i saw the group perform live once and it was beautiful but  my friendship with his group member not so much moving on...

Dare began to build his name in the entertainment circuit, pretty soon i began to hear his voice on the radio on cool FM and see him anchor one or two events ,but my respect for Darey the artiste came during the 2004 Project Fame reality series that was shot in South Africa, he came third in that competition but if you followed that competition like i did  you will agree with me that Dare was supposed to win, he kept on getting better and better with each performance, we were like what a  voice he could manipulate his voice in a way that only professionals could, take it high like a soprano singer  could and then of course take you through his Deep base runs , my friends and i felt that Dare was robbed in that competition but that Dare in 2004 was not even in his element yet, eventually i was kept waiting for his first album, and waiting at this time we had artistes like Slam, Paul Ik Dairo (another fantastic musician with musical roots in his ancestry) and a host of others...Nigerians at that time were itching for something a bit "naijarised" if i can borrow that word or as we said then original, they were tired of musicians borrowing beat by beat the songs from the US pop culture  and so maybe that was why some RnB musicians like  Slam and others though talented were not exactly so successful in the Nigerian entertainment industry, .It was around this time that Darey dropped his first album that had hits like Escalade and Fuji which i loved but people were like erghhh we want naija songs jare , later under Soul Musik records he dropped the single (Not the girl ) and for me that was when i became a fan, let,s just go there from the lyrical content to vocal arrangement to amazing visuals i tweeted him once that song is a classic that will never get old and he was touched but i meant it personally i think that was when everyone took notice, but he still needed to catch those grassroots fans enter 2011 he dropped his double dare album , a two discs in one compliation containing songs that touched on all genres.you had the Heart disc containing the softer tunes and the Beat Disc containing those fast tracks that put you in a party mood, you can guess Beat is permanently on rotation in my Car,s CD player

I applaud Darey for his hustle, his talent, his commitment to his art and his overall development as an artist , people should take a leaf from this man on how to build your career from scratch and learn that carrying a legacy is serious business, i know that his late father would definitely be proud of his last son. 
y,all should check out his latest video Ba Ni Kidi on http://www.youtube.com/ or http://www.bellanaija.com/ you will most definitely be blown away by one of the best videos of 2011.
you can also pick up his Double Dare CD here .http://www.notjustok.com/2011/02/27/buy-album-darey-double-dare-heart-beat/

watch my favorite Darey video  Not the Girl. Below.


  1. Awesome read. Deeply inspiring. Very good insight of this wonderful artist.

  2. Thanks mighty, upcoming artistes should learn from this, keep on improving on your craft and working hard your big break will come.

  3. wow! just love his movement up the tempo in the video! Very unique with his style. nice one


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