Is the best way to get over heartbreak....being with someone else?

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I think we can all agree that  dating  can be all sorts of stressful, Relationships are not a walk in the park, so when you finally find someone who you can let down your guard for, who you can share your innermost fears and desires with, that person who you trust to have your back it's really a beautiful feeling. Both of you are in love or in lust......who knows with this kids these days, you finally announce your coupling to the world, hey look at us we are together, you are proud of that partner by your side. You have changed your facebook profile to in a committed relationship, You begin most of your sentences with "you know my man said....or my girl is...."It becomes a partnership, when you see yourself in the future it's with that person it's the most beautiful yet most vulnerable feeling in the world....Relationships.

So what happens when it all comes crashing down, suddenly your heart is crushed and handed to you, the relationship is over , how do you move on? you have invested so much in this relationship in some cases maybe you even have a child together or maybe you have a dog together ,who gets what?
Oh my the never ending questions, what happened??, what's next? whose fault is it? will you get back together?  Are you ok? , then next comes the tiptoeing , mutual acquaintances become caught up in the middle can i still be friends with the other one? who do i support?, Do i tell the other what the EX is doing?

It's a very frustrating experience trust me,  so what's the best way to move on , Listen self help books will not help you, reading words from a strangers book means nothing to you when you are crying your self to sleep every night, maybe keeping yourself busy, trying to always be around good friends that's all well and good if you are all newly single heartbroken doves bonding together and calling yourselves the one heart ladies club or men with a mission that's a great plan but what happens if that's not the case, all your friends are in serious relationships and suddenly you find yourself the third wheel, their empathy for you turns to irritation as they become tired of carrying your sorrows , you have started cutting into their alone time and now they are politely look for ways to avoid you.

Burying yourself in that's a good plan, you are pulling a 10 hours shift on a job that is supposed to take you 6 hours, how long will you run on auto pilot? you are bound to crash one way or another, maybe it's when you hear the news that your Ex is getting married to some Thot he told you was his Friends younger sister or older brother when you were dating, try chairing a work meeting after that kind of news .

People say that the best way to get over a heart break is being with someone else, However professional psychiatrists will tell you that you should take time to be with yourself after the end of a committed relationship, that you will need to heal yourself by re evaluating what went wrong and getting closure.
Moving on too fast will  only lead to you making the same mistakes again.

That's all well and good but i say the best revenge to an Ex who has done you wrong is showing up on the arm of another person who for all intents and purposes is an upgrade, i mean yes it's childish to even be so concerned, But secretly we know you want to say it there is no better feeling than seeing the face of an Ex especially if they were unfaithful when you are on the arms of your new boo who is 1,000 times better than they are, you think i am lying ask the Rapper Future how he felt when he saw the picture above of  his Ex Fiancee Rnb Singer Ciara  on the arms of Russel Wilson , a finer, richer , more successful man than he is and to add insult to the injury at the white house for a state dinner. ...werk girl...

So what do you say Is the best way to get over heartbreak....being with someone else? your thoughts not mine.